Good performance always lies at the core of our mobile experience. It is our concern for fast performance out of our phone or tablet that adds to our curiosity about the hardware specifications of a device before buying it. You might own a high-end device with pretty handsome features and might even be happy with its performance, but the desire to enjoy even more speed, more free RAM, more battery backup and better performance always remains at the back of our mind.

It is this desire to get the best possible performance out of our phone or tablet device that makes us root it and keep trying different apps, mods, tweaks and custom ROMs. Just as you do, we also keep looking for anything that could be of some use to you. Today, we are going to share a performance mod for Android devices running an AOSP or CyanogenMod based ROM.

The PurePerformances™X mod for Android devices is not just a single mod but a collection of modified scripts that tweak and optimize the system properties of your phone to improve its performance and battery backup. The mod has been packaged by jameseytickner from XDA who has compiled various mod scripts by different modders into one.

Features of PurePerformances™X Mod

General Tweaks and Optimizations:

  • System performance improved at 360°
  • Better management of RAM
  • Improvements in graphics: Pure Dithering Plus™  and AOSPA 3.60 tweaks
  • Multimedia scan-time reduced
  • Network Improvements: 3G-like experience even in 2G mode
  • SQlite database optimizations
  • Better benchmark scores on AnTuTu
  • Startup time reduction
  • Reduces lag delays drastically
  • Automatically cleans the system, cache and dalvik regularly
  • Automatic Zipalign on each boot

Battery Related Tweaks:

  • Significantly less battery drainage
  • PureWakelocks™ learns the processes that consume too much battery and stops them
  • Reduces system services while device charging for faster charging
  • Battery calibration on every boot
  • Disable system animation when battery is low
  • build.prop tweaks

Graphics and Screen Optimizations:

  • Non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
  • GPU is turned off when the device is locked
  • Bravia Engine integration
  • CrossBreeder
  • Adrenaline Engine
  • Pure Graphic™HD
  • V6 Supercharger
  • Generates video entropy like Seeder)

CPU, Governors, I/O Schedulers:

  • Slight improvement in the scaling of the frequencies
  • Lightens CPU load by switching the workload to GPU rendering


Download     [Mirror Link]


  • A rooted Android device with CWM/TWRP Recovery
  • An AOSP or CyanogenMod based ROM installed on it.


Flashing PurePerformances™X Mod

Having getting familiar with the features of the PurePerformances™X mod for Android devices, if you feel that the mod is worth giving a shot, download it from our link above and flash it via ClockworkMod or TWRP recovery. Are you ready to enjoy amazingly fast performance on Android devices? Just follow the installation steps provided below:

  1. Download and copy the mod file in ZIP to you device.
  2. Boot your phone into recovery mode.
  3. Wipe dalvik cache. TWRP users can find this option by tapping on Wipe> Advanced wipe.
  4. Backup your current ROM using the Backup option in CWM/TWRP.
  5. Go to install option, navigate to file, select and flash it
  6. After installing the mod, do not forget to fix permissions in recovery. You can find it under Advanced options.
  7. Finally, when all done, reboot your phone.

After your device boots up, you should notice significant improvements in is performance. In case you do not want this mod, just restore your backed up ROM. Cheers!

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  1. Sir,after flashing this in my cm11 rom camera has stopped working……how to fix it or how to delete this file

  2. If you expect Samsung to send a software update to make the Galaxy S3 faster, just leave it. If you want really fast performance root your phone, install a custom recovery and flash ROMs like CM 11, Carbon or ParanoidAndroid.

    TouchWiz is very bad. We hate it for being the slowest UI on Android.

  3. so it’s mean that there is no such things as upgrading software to get same performance as PurePerfomance do without rooting the phone first?

    May i know any other guide from your post that i can follow to make my phone. Galaxy s3 become more faster without rooting. i’ve read and applied the setting in Developer Option and surprisingly works =)

    If there is any other way to make my phone better, kindly let me know soon ya.

    TQ so much for your good guides in this website.

  4. That local guy might have befooled you with some pirated app. To make your phone faster, rooted or not, always use Google Play store.

  5. Hi Rakesh,

    Is it possible to use this PurePerformance on Galaxy s3 that is never rooted?

    May i ask you some question, a handphone shop here at my place offered to “make new software which will do the same thing as PurePerformance do” when i ask him whether he root my phone or not, he said no. He charge alot for the software, so i want to find one without have to pay for it.

    Do u know anything about installing new software to increase the performance of the handphone without rooting??

    Hope you can answer my question. TQ

  6. Hi Rakesh, Thank you so much for sharing the useful info. I have 2 questions though –

    1. Can I use this mod on Micromax Canvas 4 – A210?
    2. Did you experienced so called “3G-like experience even in 2G” with this mod?

    I am highly interested in getting “3G experience in 2G” and thats the reason I am here. Can you suggest any other mods/Roms/apps for the same?


  7. Wipe dalvik cache in recovery and reboot, If that doesn’t work, restore your backup and try again. Do not forget to wipe dalvik cache and fix permissions when you install it next time.

  8. The phone goes into boot loop after the apps are updated.. Using cm 10.2 on gs3.. Any suggestions???

  9. Hello Rakesh, i’ve been using PurePerformance since 23 days, and i do see a good difference regarding the performance.
    I’m not really sure if this is the right place to ask this but, i’m tired of googling and youtubing about this

    i’ve N7000 Galaxy Note, CM9 (which is the least freezing OS so far among cm9-cm10-miui5-or anything)

    over a year ago, i bricked my phone (super brick) had to replace the mobo , but i didn’t
    I got it fixed (J-Tag) method. (he also said he replaced few components on my phone to fix it)
    i paid 4K (or i had to pay 9.5k for the whole new mobo)

    after getting my phone fixed from superbrick state, now it freezes a lot, random freeze ,
    sometimes bootfreeze,
    sometimes chrome use-freeze,
    sometimes usb data transfer freeze.

    i’ve changed more than 10+ types of ROMs, everything freezes.

    Do you have any ideas how I can fix this issue without changing the mobo?
    I feel depressed and embarrassed while showing something to friends in public or private and phone freezes all of the sudden.

  10. i hv also attached screen shot .. hope u r able to see it .. yes m restoring as m ok with kitkat .. u can see that pointer near easy calc. app

  11. i m again getting same circle pointer again .. i have to move pointer every where than only m able to click .. its so annoying and slow process

  12. i tried to flash ..but i did not got fix permission option in advanced menu.. but got intimation on screen that permission fixed when i flashed mod .. and when i tried to reboot it showd me something like it again asked for selecting some yes or no for flashing old back up .. i dont know whats happening on that . and i better chose go back option as i din understood and phone is rebooting now and showing android updating

  13. ok thx buddy . let me try . hope i dont get that annoying circle like pointer this time

    again .. let you know..

  14. sorry could not post a screenshot as i restored old verion that time . but now i have upgraded my i9000 to 4.4.2 kitkat with cm11 .. can i try this again

  15. hi buddy i m using gt i9000 running on cm 10.1 with gamerzrom update. i tried to flash ur file purperformance .did dalvik than flashed and also fixed permissions .. thn it showd me optimizing apps. but later when my phone started i m getting some round kind of pointer like we get on iphone. and i have to move it every where if i want to click on screen otherwise it just doesnt work .. its so annoying .. how can i fix it .. how to opearate screen normally as earlier .. also not getting notifications .. plz help asap.

  16. Hello Rakesh, its been almost 3 days. And i’m in love with my phone ever since i got ‘pure performance’ onto my phone.
    I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this but,
    i’ve googled, youtubed a lot about it, never could find the right solution
    my problem is, im running a ROM which is ICS. And the status bar doesn’t have drop down technique ( 2 finger / full read notification feature)
    Is there any patch or file which i flash and i get 2 finger notification like JB on my ICS?

    Thank you once again ^^

  17. Hi Siddhant, I liked the term “black magic” that you used for PurePerformances™X Mod. Actually, the performance of a device depends on how it has been configured to perform. Our OEMs keeps things at moderate level and that is why we often see that the speed of the system, volume loudness and battery life gets better with a custom ROM.

    PurePerformances™X Mod does not use any spell to achieve the effect. It is a collection of scripts coded by different developers. The reason why it’s small is that it just contains system configuration files with custom coding to get the best possible results. Just hope I was able to explain things appropriately. 🙂

  18. i had bricked my n7000 note once (super bricked) and fixed it with jtag method. after that i installed

    -CM9 , good perfromance , good battery, lack features but freeze sometimes

    -CM10, medium performance, bad battery, too many features, but always freezes

    – PA2 , good performance, very bad battery, too many features, freezes sometimes

    and finally installed CARBON ROM 1.7, very good performance, very good battery, too many features, freezes sometimes..

    later i found this article, i thought its some stupid shit. but since i’ve a freezy phone, i tried this.
    ever since i installed PurePerformances™X Mod on my CARBON 1.7 ROM

    Best Performance – Best Battery – Amazing ROM. i’ve no ideas what kinda black magic this 2.14mb piece of god did.

    If you know, please feel free and let me know What is pure performance and how it works.
    Thank you.

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