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Night Mode is one of the interesting features we’ve seen in the Android N Developer preview builds. We have seen a lot of cool and useful features in Android N Developer preview which focus on making simple tasks efficient. Google is shifting its focus mainly on improving the inbuilt system features as a reply to aftermarket ROMs like CyanogenMod. But we have found the Night Mode missing in the latest NRD90M Android Nougat release. So, if you have updated your device to Nougat in the last couple of days, you might want to enable Night mode on your device.

Android’s Night Mode would disable all the blue-ish tint on the display and intensifies a warmer color which is easier on the eyes. It makes the smartphone usage during the night a bit less uncomfortable. There is no formal reason why this useful feature was pulled out in the first official Android Nougat build. We guess that the feature is not completely ready and so Google has to pull it down. Well, technically, they just hid the feature instead of completely removing it. So, you can enable Night mode easily if you wish.

As any hidden Android features, Night mode can be simply enabled by tweaking a small code in the system. To make things simpler, there are already plenty of apps on the Google Play Store which will do it on a button press. To enable Night mode, you need to make sure that the System UI Tuner on your device is enabled. This is because the Night mode is a native feature in the System UI Tuner in the Android N Developer Preview.

How to Enable Night Mode in Android Nougat Update

  1. Enable System UI Tuner on your device. To do this, bring down the notification shade twice to see all the quick toggles. Long press on the Settings (gear icon) icon until the phone vibrates. This will enable the System UI Tuner.
  2. You can navigate to Settings and find it right above the ‘About Phone’ section.
  3. Install the “Night Mode Enabler” app from the Google Play Store link below:
    Night Mode Enabler Price: Free
  4. You can simply click on the “Enable Night Mode” button in the app to do the trick.
  5. This will enable both Night mode as well as the quick toggle in the notification area. Adjust the settings as per your requirement.
    night mode nougat

Isn’t it quite simple to bring back your favorite feature? Let us know if you’ve enabled the Night mode on Android Nougat.

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