MIUI is one of the most popular and beautiful ROMs among Android device users. The best thing about MIUI lies in the availability of stunning free themes. One can save hundreds of themes on the device and switch between themes in the blink of an eye. The Edgy HD theme on of those themes that make MIUI even more beautiful and you will relish it for a longer time.

At the lockscreen, you have a very cool analog clock and unlock slider. There is also a camera app shortcut but when I tried to slide it it took me to the desktop instead of opening the camera. Just as you enter the homescreen you have another analog clock and nice icons. The icons used in the statusbar, notification panel and the file explorer and pretty enough to enchant you. The dialer and MIUI framework elements have been themed nicely too.

I could not see the beautiful status bar toggle buttons (shown in the screenshot) on my Galaxy S3, so I modified the theme a little and it is working for 720p devices. As far as I can remember, the theme is based on the Indigotin theme for MIUI V4 by Western Lamb from China. It also borrows certain lements from an iOS theme. A guy named Ivant 1968 has modified that theme and the result is awesome.


via: XDA

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