Mirrativ is yet another live streaming and broadcasting app, from the prolific game maker DeNA, introduced this week. After the success of YouTube Gaming launched by Google, Mirrativ has been launched with lots of features to dispense. Along with the usual game streaming, Mirrativ can broadcast all sorts of content on your smartphone screen; like text messages, apps, games, and much more. Moreover, Mirrativ offers the viewers to interact with the broadcasters in real time.

Twitch and Periscope already have a successful share in live streaming games and broadcasting live videos respectively. Mirrativ can prove to be a major competitor to Twitch and Periscope as it can stream literally every thing from your mobile screen; whether its showing off your new user interface, reading from an e-reader or watching a video. While live broadcasting, its not just limited to sharing your screen; being a broadcaster, you can also switch the front camera and interact showing the viewers your face and reactions.

With Mirrativ, you can start broadcasting to friends, family and anyone else with just three taps. This overcomes the complications that prevail in other apps like Twitch which require USB connection to broadcast. Viewers can send stickers and comment in real-time to create a unique real-time experience. Broadcasters can opt in for the optional voice and front camera stream options to show the audience your face and reactions. Share certain moments only with friends by choosing a private broadcast which can only be accessed via a unique URL. You can follow your favorite people and get notifications when they start broadcasting. However, Mirrativ require Android 5.0+ for broadcasting and Android users with KitKat version and below can only view and not broadcast yet.

Mirrativ is Beta right now, so users can expect some bugs and stability issues. Moreover, you can download the Mirrativ app from the Play Store but you won’t be able to broadcast just yet. The company is giving a sneak-peek of live stream demos for limited hours each day, prior to its official launch for broadcasters next month. For updates on the daily LIVE time, you can visit Mirrativ’s official Twitter account.

Mirrativ: Live Stream Any App Price: Free


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