If you are a gaming fanatic then get excited because the tech giant, Google, has now stepped into the gaming world with its latest project, YouTube Gaming. This service will be launched on August 26, 2015 in US and UK for now and will begin to spread all over the globe soon enough. YouTube Gaming is targeted at gamers which will allow you to stream gaming videos through YouTube channels. It is a handy tool for all gamers and game publishers who want their own channels for videos streaming and storing online gaming content.

Google had already announced YouTube Gaming back in June and will now launch the service as soon as tomorrow for US and UK gamers. This could give a tough fight to the currently popular game video streaming service Twitch.tv. Google had already lost a chance to buy Twitch against Amazon. Amazon now owns Twitch which it bought for $1 billion. However this has not stopped Google from getting into the gaming world and now Google, which already has a good experience in video streaming with Youtube, is launching its game streaming service with YouTube Gaming.

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This will be a different service from YouTube and will not interfere with it. YouTube Gaming will have a mobile application and website dedicated to it. It will have a separate landing page for over 25,000 games and its subscribers will have the privilege for on demand and live video stream content. You’ll be able to subscribe to channels from YouTube Creators and game publishing houses and will show you content related to your likes and subscription when you open the app. You will get notified of new videos and events accordingly.

Although YouTube gaming will be starting officially for US and UK, it will still be in its beta version be available as creator preview. You need to Sign Up before you can avail the service. If you still want to test the YouTube Gaming on your Android device, then the creator preview is available at APKMirror. For the official version you can click here to get notified or wait until the service starts and click this link to get the app.

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