Android manufacturers try and produce all there products to the best of quality, but there is something that is considered as the most common of defects. Here, we are talking about the screen color composition, which can be different for even a variety models from the same OEM. Specifically, we will be discussing about the HTC One M9 today.

The M9 comprises itself of a very sharp and vivid 5 inches Gorilla Glass Super LCD display, which is highly refined and well balanced for the eyes. But, everyone has a different approach to the screen and its colors, some like it dark, some light and while others opt for a balanced one. But to achieve this we need complete control over a specific kernel module and its functions. And so we’re going to do this today, to enable Color Control on HTC One M9.

About Mod

To achieve the goal to modify screen parameters, we need to inject KCAL drivers into your stock kernel via a specific module. The mod has been provided by XDA Recognized Developer flar2. KCAL lets you change your screen’s different values separately, like RGB, Saturation, Hue, and Contrast. All of these values can be tuned to give out a more desirable display on your HTC One M9. The mod is extremely light and gives you the advantage to enable Color Control on HTC One M9 without changing to a custom kernel.

Now that since its a separate module, it needs to be loaded every time you reboot your device. Or, the best way is to add it to init.d script, which will enable it automatically on every boot (init.d support is provided by most custom ROMs). Let’s begin by installing the mod, which will require your HTC One M9 to have TWRP installed on it. If you still haven’t got it, follow our guide on How to Root HTC One M9 and Install TWRP Recovery. Once you have it installed, follow the simple instructions below.

How to Enable Color Control on HTC One M9

  1. Download the Color Control Mod:
  2. Connect your M9 to the PC via USB cable in MTP mode.
  3. Transfer the to the device storage.
  4. Disconnect the device and power it off completely.
  5. Reboot HTC One M9 into TWRP recovery mode:
    • Press Volume Down and Power buttons altogether until your device boots into bootloader mode.
    • When in the bootloader mode, use the Volume keys to highlight Recovery mode and press the Power button to select it.
  6. Tap on the Install button, browse and flash the
  7. Once the file has been flashed successfully, tap on Reboot system.
  8. Now that you have installed the mod and successfully enabled color control on HTC One M9. Its time to opt for an app that lets you control and edit the color values.
  9. The developer has provided his own app if you would like to contribute to the dev for his work. Otherwise, you can also use several other apps like Nexus Display Control, Kernel Adiutor, and FK Updater etc.

Check out the original XDA thread for more information about the mod and its operation. Drop us a comment below and let us know how this is working for you and your HTC One M9.

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