The Dulce Mini theme is based on another theme called Luminous for MIUI V4. Both the themes have been made by the same author, that is Western Lamb from the Chinese MIUI forum. The present theme is named after the Dulce icon pack for the iOS. The lockscreen is one that you see on the default MIUI V4 theme, the only difference being the digital clock. The LS also shows weather condition, but for that, you will need to install the MIUI Weather app installed on your phone.

The Dulce icons have been modified and resized to look smaller, giving your device’s homescreen a neater look. Dulce Mini is a light theme with blue highlights. It has a nice dialer. The whole interface has been themes aptly. If you have been looking for a good light theme for your Android phone on MIUI, you will certainly like it.


Source: MIUI

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