Welcome to the sixth round up of DroidViews Weekly. There are tons of apps and games in the Google Play Store and hundreds are added everyday. Although we, at DroidViews, try our best to cover all the amazing apps and games on a daily basis, we cannot review each and every one of them.

That’s why we have started this new section where we will share with you 10 new/old/recently updated less known apps and games which we find useful and fun but were not able to share with you earlier. This will be a weekly round up.

1. Revolution

Revolution is a fast paced one-tap game in which you need to tap your way to the top while avoiding the red spot. If you stay in one place for long then you’ll get crushed by walls.

Sorry, this app is not available!

2. Agreed

If you and your friends spend a lot of time on deciding what to do or where to go then, Agreed can help you. This app lets you create a voting and share with your friends through options like email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Pollis - Votação em grupo Price: Free

3. Copy Drive

Copy Drive is a clipboard manager. It automatically keeps track of everything you copy. You can check your clipboard history and copy something with just one tap. If you go for pro version you can get PC sync feature.

Sorry, this app is not available!

4. Calculator++

Calculator++ is an advanced and powerful calculator for solving both easy as well as complex problems. It comes with an efficient home screen widget, themes, and gestures that make calculations easy.

Calculator ++ Price: Free

5. Meter

This live wallpaper comes from the Google factory. It is a “data-driven” wallpaper that shows battery level, wireless signal and number of notifications of your device in a simple visualization. The wallpaper cycles through three visualizations with every unlock, and each can be manipulated by tilting and moving the device.

Meter Price: Free

6. Tint

Tint is a wallpaper creator that lets you create gradient wallpapers.

Tint - Make Gradient Wallpaper Price: Free

7.  Glare Icon Pack

Glare is a light icon set with a bold colour palette and a matching top border. It has 1700+ icons, 16 amazing HD wallpapers, and icon masking support.

Sorry, this app is not available!

8. Shibuya Grandmaster

Shibuya Grandmaster is a fast-paced colour matching game but it is not like your traditional match-three kind of game. It is completely different from what you have played till now and it will test your skill to the limit.

Shibuya Grandmaster Price: Free

9. Seashine

Dive now into the abyss, in an endless quest for survival. In this game, you play as a jellyfish, struggling to maintain a fading light in the darkness of the deep ocean caves. Explore this mysterious underworld and absorb all the light you find your way to live a few more seconds.

Seashine Price: Free

10. Peekaboo Moments

Peekaboo Moments is like a digital scrapbook for your baby. With this app, you can keep a record of all the amazing moment as they happen. It automatically organizes everything and presents them in a beautiful timeline.

Peekaboo Moments – Babybook, memories & moments Price: Free

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