Just a few days ago, Sammobile shared the complete deodexed system dump of the Samsung Galaxy S4. With that release, some of Galaxy S4 apps can now be seen popping out here and there. Like many out there, I too downloaded the Galaxy S4 system dump with 1549.8 MB in size. It is so big a file for many that one has to strive a lot before it gets downloaded completely, especially if it’ a HotFile link.

I had to make a number of attempts before I could download it, and then share its contents separately for the convenience of others. I pulled out almost all the Apk files and uploaded them to parts so that our users can download them easily. There are 38 Apk files that collectively size 295 MB.

For new visitors, we have also put together the link to the Galaxy S3 original full HD wallpapers and ringtones. Those who are willing to download the whole dump, we have added Mega links mirror for them. Now it’s up to you, download the whole dump, or apps package in parts, or each apk file individually.


Galaxy S4 Wallpapers and Ringtones: Link

Download Individual APK Files: Click Here

Install Galaxy S4 Launcher and Weather Widget: Link

Here is the list of apps that you would find inside the Part files:

Part 1

  • AccuweatherPhone2013.apk
  • AirMotionTryActually.apk
  • AlarmWidget.apk
  • AnimatedScene.apk
  • AssistantMenu.apk
  • BeautyFace.apk
  • BestFace.apk
  • com.sec.android.app.newmessage.apk
  • DigitalClock.apk
  • DigitalClock21.apk
  • DioDict3Service.apk
  • DualClockDigital.apk
  • Earth.apk
  • EasyLauncher.apk
  • Eraser.apk
  • Flipboard 1.9.27_AirView.apk
  • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
  • Music2.apk
  • VoiceRecorder.apk

Part 2

  • MusicPlayerWT.apk
  • SamsungOCR2.apk
  • SBrowser.apk
  • SBrowserTry.apk
  • SecCalculator_3d.apk
  • SecLauncher3.apk
  • WeatherWidgetDaemon.apk

Part 3

  • SecLiveWallpapersPicker.apk
  • SecLpp.apk
  • SecVideoPlayer.apk
  • SecWallpaperChooser.apk
  • SMemo2.apk
  • SNoteProvider.apk
  • S-Voice_Android_phone_J.apk

Part 4


Part 5

  • Episodes.apk
  • PrismStore.apk
  • SystemUI.apk

Want More Wallpapers for Galaxy S4?

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  1. You can try installing it but I don’t think it would work on the G4 because such apps require certain dependent files to function.

  2. I know this is old news, but is it possible to run SMemo2.apk on a 64 bit device like the G4?

  3. hi Rakesh,
    Is it possible to change the download server from dev-host/googledoc to some other hosting site. I specifically need secWallpaperchooser.apk but the link is not working.

  4. can you give a step by step on how to do it.. I am very frustrated with my new S4.. I am new to android so I am not good at fixing it right now.. I really do appreciate if you help me step by step…^^ thanks..

  5. Hi, I would like to ask some help if anyone could give me a settings.apk for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9500. I accidentally uninstalled my settings using an app… Please I need an exported settings.apk and with that I will import it to my s4 using Wondershare Mobile Go.. If you have better ideas please tell me and help me..

    I attached an image that I accidentally uninstalled..so that you will have an idea..

  6. hi. i really appreciate your work and time that you spend. my query is that i have non rooted galaxy note and its running 4.1.2 jb and i want to know about the does all this .apk are supported by my device……
    waiting for your reply

    thanks in advance

  7. thanks rakesh. I wish I could find a custom ROM or make one but i’m afraid i am as novice as a baby in the womb. Do you know where I can find custom ROM for i9502?

  8. i copied both apk and odex files, change permissions to rw r r., for smartbriefing , sbrowser , and news apps. Don’t understand why

  9. rakesh, when i put apk files in system/app folder to run , I get Aapplication Not Installed error. Have restarted, etc but not working. Any ideas?

  10. hi rakesh, i tried that link but did not work. It got an error and could not unpack the system.img file. Any ideas to help me?

  11. hi, I am actually using them on a S4 I9502. There are missing apps in the ROM that was flashed and i just want to install. Will try the link . Thanks a lot.

  12. Hello Rakesh, I extracted system.img file for S4 GT-I9502, but I get error if I try to use sgs2ext4 utility so I can mount. I get an endless loop of 32B and file is empty. How did you extract files from system.img for the S4 dump? There are apps in GT-I9502, I’m looking for. Thanks

  13. No it’s not like that. It’s a deodexed ROM with all system and Apk files inside. It cant be installed but developers can use them to port apps and features to phones other than S4.

  14. The copied tone will not appear in Settings ringtone options. You can open them via My Files and set as ringtone. All system tones are found not on phone’s SD card but the root directory “system/media” folder. You can see them using a root file explorer.

  15. i was able to put them in the external mem card folder, “downloads”. but the ringtones are not showing up in my ringtones list in settings. how can i move them from folder to folder? and why does my official ringtones fold say zero files, when there certainly is several ringtones in there?

  16. Hi Stev, I am surprised to hear that you are not able to copy the tones and walls on to your device. It’s an easy thing and I have never faced such issue since I am using a phone. Anyways, try to copy the files to your external memory card by connecting it via a card reader.

    As for Air Gesture feature port for S3, it’ll be interesting to see if it is really ported to our device. Just wait and it will hopefully come to S3, if not officially, then via custom ROMs and mods.

  17. i have a s3, and just wanted to add some of the ringtones and backgrounds. i have dl them, but how do i put them in. when i open, for instance, the ringtones folder on my pc, it says zero files. but of course there are ringtone files. and when i try to drag and drop, of course that doesn’t work. that wouldn’t be allowed, because it is to simple. so how do i put them in? also curious if the air gestures would work on a s3?

  18. I don’t know anything about custom ROM, it is not official firmware right? I want to keep it on official android. Still waiting for update to 4.2 JB. So S Voice, Flipboard won’t affect my phone or anything what is involved with official JB ant other stuff?

  19. Installation will fail. Very soon you will find most of these apps working on your Note 2 but for that you will have to install a custom ROM. Stay tuned to get any such updates.

  20. What happens if I try to install everything? Is there a possibility that everything is going to work someday?

  21. Thanks. how do I get that “life companion” and the clock on my lock screen or is that photoshopped for the lock screen only?

  22. that would be fantastic if you’d put a video of how the look like… so we can see it before trying it…

  23. A system dump is actually the firmware file itself but it is extracted out the the .img files and is deodexed. You can find all files inside that constitute the system files but they can’t be installed as a ROM.

  24. Can you give us a list of the files we are downloading? some of these files are big and maybe I don’t want that app.

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