Ours is an Android-centric blog where we frequently share stock wallpapers from newly launched Android smartphones and tablets. However, we do shrink from crossing the boundary whenever we get hold of stuff from devices running non-Android operating systems but are of any use to the green bot lovers.

Most new devices come with some new goodies like wallpapers, tones and other things. It has been some weeks now since the new Apple flagship, the iPhone 6 was revealed to the world. As Android users, we really have nothing to do with the iPhone 6 but we can at least enjoy the new official iOS8 wallpapers it comes with. If you love your phone and always keep looking for new backgrounds to beautify its lock and home screens, we have thousands of wallpapers here already.

As we already mentioned it, today we have the full set of iPhone 6 stock wallpapers. There are 15 high-quality wallpapers inside the zip provided below. You might hate the new iPhone as you did the old ones but you can’t help loving the wallpapers. All wallpapers are in PNG format with a common resolution of 755 x 1334 px. Just click our download link below and grab all of them.

Download iOS 8/ iPhone 6 Stock Wallpapers


Mirror Link

If you love wallpapers, do not forget to browse our Wallpapers Section. Enjoy!


  1. Any chance that the iPhone 6+ versions will be up so that 1080p screens will be able to enjoy the details?

  2. Hi Bill, I have owned and used the iPhone 4 and 5S. They were good and I know iPhone 6 is better that the older iOS devices. However, I felt suffocated in the jail-like environment. Android is great, diverse, wild and allow us to be adventurous. Not that I am an iOS hater but I just a lover of Android. I do admire their build and feel but again Android is better. 🙂

  3. Hate iphones? Excuse me but we love iphones .More than 10 million sold and selling more every month.The new york times says the iphone is helping the usa PBI with 1% and the economy of mote countries.You should use an iphone 6 plus Rakesh.It’s an amazing product ,the camera,quality,etc.

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