The real difference between a proprietary OS like Windows, IOS and the Open Source OS like the Android is that, the OS developing company is the God of the Operating System in case of proprietary OS where the software development is restricted by the Company. But in case of the Open Source OS, the user is the God of his own where every bit of the OS can be customized without running into jail for software counterfeit case. Android is one such OS where the developers can change every bit of the OS, right from the button color to the kernel modification, anything is possible without any kind of restrictions.

The Stock Vanilla Android flavor is beautiful on its own, but a little tweaks and touch-ups here and there will make it much more amazing and powerful. Taking this advantage, many app developers have created customization apps that will strip every bit of the Android interface and replace it with other beautiful designs. However modifying the system based apps needs root permission which is forbidden on Android devices by many device manufacturers. But what if you can change the device’s basic themes without the need of root. Is it even possible?

Looks like nothing is impossible in the Android world. Noyze Volume Panel is the new app on Play Store that can change the appearance and functionality of the stock Android Volume panels with various themes and mods that are pre-loaded in the app itself. Noyze Volume Panel is a sleek customizable Volume panel replacement app that changes the appearance of the stock volume panel and doesn’t even require root. So now you can change the same boring volume panel of yours with some cool volume panels.

Noyze needs a one-time push in the settings menu. Once you install the app, Noyze asks you to activate it in the Accessibility settings and then it’s on its own. The app comes with some basic themes including the IOS, Blackberry, Windows styled sliders for the slider controls which are extremely sleek and eye-catching. You can set the fading time and other settings in the app settings. The design of the app is simply aesthetic with the beautifully chosen color combinations and the transit animations that appear when we press the Volume rocker buttons on the device.


The app is simple yet attractive and we really wonder how the developers managed to make it work without the root permission on the device. Noyze is a free app that can be downloaded from the Play Store, but for the people who are looking for more in the app, Noyze is charging an ample amount of $1.58 as an in-app purchase which will unlock more features in the app.

So Customize your Volume Panel With Noyze by downloading it from the Play Store link provided below, and move ahead of the regular boring design of your current Volume panel. If you like as much as we do, purchase the Pro version by paying $1.58 which is not at all a high price for this sleek and beautiful app.

Sorry, this app is not available!

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