“Crimp” is one of the most liked themes for MIUI Gingerbread created by Fizz. Thanks to Digimax (my friend from China) who has ported this beautiful theme with a nice lockscreen and amazing icons to MIUI V4.

I remember posting the first beta of this theme about two months ago when MIUI ICS ROMs did not have much support for themes. Since now it does, though not fully, Digimax has come up with a new beta of the theme- this time it looks much better.

There were some Chinese texts on the lockscreen that have been translated by me in English. Enjoy a fully English Crimp theme!

Download (Fixed Version)


    • Tried the Fix version still the Textbox never changed still cant see the message. I think that was the framework, textbox cannot be themed so the Text color is the only one changing. Maybe just change the framework text (for Mms.apk) to grey? Also new problems occured, home screen doesnt have ruler dock backgound, pulldown notification looks like default miui it suppose to look like ruler also, Mms message bubbles are colored green and white (unable to see any message too).

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