Pronounce App for Android
App Review: Pronounce App for Android - Free Offline Text To Speech

Most of us out there are blessed by the Almighty God with the ability to speak not just one, but more than one language at a time. This could be English along with another language which could be our native language or any combination of languages. However, no matter how well versed we are to be in our native language or any other language, the pronunciation may or may not be perfect. Moreover, the pronunciation of a particular language differs from person to person. Speaking of pronunciation, I have got to show you an app called Pronounce – Free offline Text to Speech. This neat little app helps you improve your pronunciation of words by converting a word, phrase or emoji you type or input into speech heard via the phone speaker.

Enough said, let’s jump straight into the screenshots and go through the app in detail to learn more.

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Pronounce – Free offline Text to Speech

Pronounce App for Android
Pronounce app in action. Type or input any word, phrase or even a smiley into the text field and press the play button to pronounce it. I have chosen to pronounce the word ‘paradigm’.
The word ‘Paradigm’ is pronounced. After a word is pronounced, you have the option to favourite the word, share or pronounce it again and again. Moreover, tap the heart icon at the bottom left-hand side to access your favourite words. Similarly, tap the icon at the bottom right-hand side to access speech settings.
Pronounce App for Android
Favourites section. Here you are provided with the a list of words that you have favourited. Press the icon at the top right-hand side to clear or delete the favourites.
To access the history of the words pronounced, press the down arrow button which is only available when the text field is empty. Check out the next screenshot below to know more.
History of the words pronounced as shown in the screenshot. Moreover, tap the button at the top right-hand side to clear the history.

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Tap on the language icon to select available languages. This option is only available while using Google Text to Speech which is configurable in settings. Choose any of the available languages to pronounce the word or a word in different language dialect or accent.
Emoji selected to pronounce. This emoji is called the ‘cool’ emoji.
Favourited the ‘cool’ emoji, Indicated by the heart icon that turns yellow when you tap to favourite it.
Works in your web browser too. Just tap and hold on a word to bring up the small menu, then, select PRONOUNCE.


So here I wind up my in-depth review of the app called Pronounce. This neat little app really comes in handy when you would like to improve your accent, be it in your native language or any other language you are pretty much well versed with.

Feel free to chime in the comments section below on your experience with this neat little app. Download the app via the link given below.

Pronounce - Free offline Text to Speech Price: Free

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