Those days are gone where people used actual flashlights when in need. Now, every smartphone with an LED flash can do that, with a simple application downloaded from the Google Play Store. Some devices and ROMs like CyanogenMod already have a pre-loaded flashlight application. Although there are many flashlight applications on the Google Play Store available, most of them usually heat your device, and do not function properly. And, it’s a real pain to launch the application, and then tap the button to enable the flashlight. In this article, we present you an innovative application, which makes it easier for the user to enable/disable the flashlight on their devices – Power Button Flashlight.

As the name implies, the application uses your device’s actual hardware power button to control the flashlight. So, there is no need for you to even unlock your Android device. Power Button Flashlight has supposedly the brightest torch light on an Android device we’ve seen so far. Also, the application does not take too much of time to turn on the flashlight. Like any other utility application, this one also has specific functions, and we’ll get into the details of it now! There are both the Paid version, and the Free version of the application available, the paid one being available to buy as an extension for the application itself. We’ll review the features of both the Paid version, and the Free version.

Free Version

The free version can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store. Although it’s a free one, it still offers decent amount of options to customize the way you want to control your device’s flashlight. Notable features of the free version are as follows :


  • You can start the flashlight by simply pressing the power button 3 times, when the screen is off. Note that this may depend on your device’s performance too.
  • Once enabled, you can disable the flashlight by tapping the torch icon in the application itself.
  • The option to automatically shutdown the flashlight after a specific amount of time is available, in case you forget to turn it off manually.
  • The option to avoid turning on of the flashlight while in the pocket, or in a bag is also available, if you ever accidentally press the power button.
  • Vibration feedback is enabled to imply that the flashlight has been turned on.
  • The option to just shake your device while the screen is on, will start the flashlight.
  • If you don’t admire the power-button feature, you can always disable it from the settings.

Get the free version by clicking the link below :

These all were the notable features in the free version. Now let’s take a look at the additional features that one can get in the paid version:

Paid Version

You can get the paid version of the app by tapping on the little shield icon of the application. The paid version features more advance options for the device. Some of the notable one’s are:

  • Ability to switch off the flashlight with the 3 power button click is now available for the paid version. It would be easier as you wouldn’t need to launch the application to turn it off.
  • Shake to stop flashlight feature is also available for the paid version.
  • The advertisements displayed while in the application will be disabled, meaning no further annoying ads.

The paid version is available as a add-on in the free version of the application itself.

Not only are the features of this application amazing, but the UI of the application is a clean and simple to use interface, without any complex options. So, if you ever need some torch light while in the dark, remember to take your phone out of your pocket, and simple press the power button three times!


  1. I think you still need to provide some permissions to the application. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Also, pounce into the settings, and set the speed of the power button to be pressed.

  2. I have a Galaxy S4. I downloaded the app, but when I pressed the power button three times (with the screen off), my S Voice was coming on. So, I disabled the power button option in the S Voice app. S Voice isn’t coming on anymore with three taps to the power button, but neither is the flashlight. It’s also not coming on with four taps to the power button when the screen is on. It only works if I actually go to the app. Power button three times is not working, and I’ve tried about 10 times at various speeds of pushing the button within three seconds. Can you help?

  3. Yup, it is amazing application indeed, and I’ve gone for the full version and really happy with the whole experience! Thank you for this review – it made my life in the dark nights a lot easier.

  4. Work the galaxy s5 it also can kick in the safety assistance emergency mode which I use a lot because I travel extensively. I love the idea is this power button flash light unfortunately I won’t be able to use it and that sucks.

  5. Good to know that this amazing application helped you! Sure! Go for the full version, to get those additional features!

  6. I am from upper NY state, and in the dark winter nights it is so frustrating when I have to take my gloves off when I need the flashlight of my phone! Not any more – with this app I will be able to just press the Power button 3 times – not touchscreen needed, and there it is – I got the flash light on! Will go for the full version as it is such a nice and useful feature!

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