Everybody loves puzzle games. They are fun, make you use your mind, and are a perfect time killer for those deadly 10-15 minutes when you have nothing to do but wait (like standing in a line, waiting for dinner, etc.).

Although puzzle gaming area is huge, we get to see some awesome puzzle games once in awhile that clearly fit “easy to play but hard to master” category. And I love such games. One such game that I recently came across is Colors United. It’s a perfect time killer and you should definitely give it a try. Here’s why.


In Colors United, you start with multiple colors and your end goal is to fill the board with one color. Sounds easy? Well, as a matter of fact, it is. So what’s the catch? The catch is that you get limited move sets.

It has lots of vibrant colors and lots of shapes. You get a board full of a single shape with different colors and your goal is to convert all those colorful shapes in one color. This is done by selecting a color from the given options below. Selecting a color will change the color of adjacent or connected shapes. The game is all about strategically selection right color at the right time, and limited move sets only increase the fun.


There are 150 levels and 30 bonus levels. Shapes change with advancement in levels and this actually increases the enjoyment level. For instance, squares color shapes that border one of the four edges, circles color all surrounding shapes, hexes use their form to reach six bordering shapes at once, and diamond act like squares, but coloring diagonally.

Bonus levels can be unlocked by completing all levels with three stars.


If you get bored of playing by yourself (which is highly unlikely), it also supporters multiplayer gameplay. You can either play with real life people or an AI which is really difficult to beat. So go with real life people, AI can defeat you most of the time and losing could make people sad. Oh, and it also has daily challenges, if you are interested.

As for color scheme and music – it’s good. Not super awesome, not very bad. It’s just good and actually matches the gameplay quite well.

If you like puzzle games or just want something to kill time then do try Colors United.

Colors United Price: Free

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