Like all Android devices, most Samsung devices that run on the most popular platform, also have a codename attached to them. These codenames are often used for correctly identifying the device model for development purposes.

Suppose you have to download Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root package for your Samsung device and want to download the correct root package, you must know your phone’s codename for that. The same thing applies to ROM repositories.

Since it’s not a very easy job to find the codename of Android devices, we have made an exhaustive list of codenames of all Samsung devices from Google Play Developer Console for the sake of your convenience and easy reference.

Codenames of Samsung Galaxy Devices


 Device Name

 Device Codename

SamsungBehold IISGH_T939
Behold IIsgh-t939
SamsungCaptivate GlideSGH-I927
SamsungChina Telecomkylevectc
SamsungDroid ChargeSCH-I510
SamsungGalaxy (China)GT-B9062
SamsungGalaxy 070hendrix
SamsungGalaxy Aarcher
SamsungGalaxy A3a3ltechn
Galaxy A3a3ltezh
Galaxy A3a3ulte
Galaxy A3a33g
Galaxy A3a3lte
Galaxy A3a3ltectc
SamsungGalaxy A5a5ltezh
Galaxy A5a5ltezt
Galaxy A5a5ulteskt
Galaxy A5a5lte
Galaxy A5a5ultektt
Galaxy A5a5ltectc
Galaxy A5a5ultelgt
Galaxy A5a53g
Galaxy A5a5ltechn
SamsungGalaxy A7a7alte
Galaxy A7a7ltektt
Galaxy A7a7ltelgt
Galaxy A7a7lteskt
SamsungGalaxy AceGT-S5830T
Galaxy AceGT-S5830
Galaxy Aceheat3gou
Galaxy AceGT-S5839i
Galaxy Aceheatlte
Galaxy AceGT-S5830L
Galaxy AceGT-S5830C
Galaxy AceGT-S6358
Galaxy AceSHW-M240S
Galaxy AceGT-S5830B
Galaxy AceGT-S5830G
Galaxy AceGT-S5838
Galaxy AceGT-S5830F
Galaxy AceGT-S5830i
Galaxy AceSCH-I619
Galaxy AceGT-S5830D
Galaxy AceGT-S5831i
Galaxy AceGT-S5830M
SamsungGalaxy Ace 4vivaltods5m
SamsungGalaxy Ace 4 Litevivalto3g
SamsungGalaxy Ace AdvanceGT-S6800
SamsungGalaxy Ace DuosSCH-i589
Galaxy Ace DuosSCH-I589
Galaxy Ace DuosGT-S6802B
Galaxy Ace DuosGT-S6352
Galaxy Ace DuosSCH-i579
Galaxy Ace DuosSCH-I579
Galaxy Ace DuosGT-S6802
SamsungGalaxy Ace PlusGT-S7508
Galaxy Ace PlusGT-S7500L
Galaxy Ace PlusGT-S7500W
Galaxy Ace PlusGT-S7500T
Galaxy Ace PlusGT-S7500
SamsungGalaxy Ace QSGH-I827D
SamsungGalaxy Ace Styleheat3gtfnvzw
Galaxy Ace Styleheatnfc3g
Galaxy Ace Styleheatqlte
SamsungGalaxy Ace2GT-I8160L
Galaxy Ace2GT-I8160
Galaxy Ace2GT-I8160P
SamsungGalaxy Ace2 Xkylessopen
SamsungGalaxy Ace3logan
Galaxy Ace3logands
Galaxy Ace3loganlte
Galaxy Ace3loganrelte
Galaxy Ace3logan3gcmcc
SamsungGalaxy Ace3 Duosloganu3gcmcc
Galaxy Ace3 Duosloganlite3g
SamsungGalaxy Ace3 Duos TVlogandsdtv
SamsungGalaxy Ace4vivaltonfc3g
Galaxy Ace4vivaltolte
Galaxy Ace4vivalto5mve3g
SamsungGalaxy Ace4 Litevivalto
SamsungGalaxy Ace4 Neovivalto3mve3gltn
SamsungGalaxy AdmireSCH-R820
SamsungGalaxy Admire 2goghcri
SamsungGalaxy Alphasltechn
Galaxy Alphasltecan
Galaxy Alphaslte
Galaxy Alphaslteskt
Galaxy Alphasltektt
Galaxy Alphaslteatt
Galaxy Alphasltelgt
SamsungGalaxy Ampkyleatt
SamsungGalaxy ApolloGT-I5800
Galaxy ApolloGT-I5801
Galaxy ApolloGT-I5800D
SamsungGalaxy AppealSGH-I827
SamsungGalaxy AttainSCH-R920
SamsungGalaxy Avantafyonltetmo
SamsungGalaxy Axiominfiniteusc
SamsungGalaxy BeamGT-I8530
Galaxy BeamGT-I8250
SamsungGalaxy Cameragd1
Galaxy Cameragd1att
Galaxy Camerau0lte
Galaxy Cameragd1ktt
Galaxy Cameragd1can
Galaxy Cameragd1wifiany
Galaxy Cameragd1wifi
Galaxy Cameragd1skt
Galaxy Cameragd1ltelgt
Galaxy Cameragd1ltevzw
Galaxy Cameragd1lteskt
SamsungGalaxy Camera 2sf2wifi
SamsungGalaxy Centuraamazing3gtrf
SamsungGalaxy Chatzanin
SamsungGalaxy CoreafyonlteMetroPCS
Galaxy Corearubaslim
Galaxy Coreafyonltecan
SamsungGalaxy Core Advancecane3gskt
Galaxy Core Advancecane3g
SamsungGalaxy Core Litevictorlte
SamsungGalaxy Core LTEcs03lte
Galaxy Core LTEafyonlte
SamsungGalaxy Core Maxkleoslte
SamsungGalaxy Core Pluscs02
Galaxy Core Pluscs023g
Galaxy Core Pluscs02ve3gdtv
Galaxy Core Pluscs02ve3gss
SamsungGalaxy Core Primerossalte
Galaxy Core Primerossaltexsa
Galaxy Core Primerossaltectc
Galaxy Core Primecore33g
Galaxy Core Primecoreprimelte
SamsungGalaxy Core Safearubaslimss
SamsungGalaxy Core2kanas3gcmcc
Galaxy Core2kanas3gnfc
Galaxy Core2kanas3g
Galaxy Core2kanas
Galaxy Core2kanas3gctc
SamsungGalaxy Discoveramazingtrfcd
Galaxy Discoveramazing3gcri
SamsungGalaxy Duosaruba3gcmcc
SamsungGalaxy E7e7lte
SamsungGalaxy EuropaGT-I5500
Galaxy EuropaGT-I5510
Galaxy EuropaGT-I5508
Galaxy EuropaGT-I5503
SamsungGalaxy Exhibitcodinavid
Galaxy Exhibitcodinatmo
Galaxy ExhibitcodinaMetroPCS
SamsungGalaxy Exhibit2SGH-T679
SamsungGalaxy ExhilarateSGH-I577
SamsungGalaxy Expressexpresslte
SamsungGalaxy Expressexpressziglteatt
SamsungGalaxy Expressexpressatt
SamsungGalaxy Express2wilcoxlte
SamsungGalaxy Famenevisds
SamsungGalaxy Famenevisp
SamsungGalaxy Famenevis3g
SamsungGalaxy Famenevisvess
SamsungGalaxy Famenevis3gcmcc
SamsungGalaxy Famenevis
SamsungGalaxy Famenevisnvess
SamsungGalaxy FameSCH-I629
SamsungGalaxy Fame Lite Duosnevisw
SamsungGalaxy FitGT-S5670
SamsungGalaxy FitGT-S5670L
SamsungGalaxy FitGT-S5670B
SamsungGalaxy GioGT-S5660L
Galaxy GioGT-S5660M
Galaxy GioSHW-M290K
Galaxy GioSHW-M290S
Galaxy GioSCH-i569
Galaxy GioGT-S5660
Galaxy GioGT-S5660B
Galaxy GioGT-S5660V
SamsungGalaxy Goldenks02lte
Galaxy Goldenks02ltektt
Galaxy Goldenks02lteskt
Galaxy Golden 2pateklte
SamsungGalaxy Grandbaffinvetd3g
Galaxy Grandbaffinvektt
Galaxy Grandbaffinltektt
Galaxy Grandbaffinss
Galaxy Grandbaffinrd
Galaxy Grandbaffinveskt
Galaxy Grandbaffinlteskt
Galaxy Grandbaffin3gduosctc
Galaxy Grandbaffincmcc
SamsungGalaxy Grand duosbaffin
SamsungGalaxy Grand Maxgrandmaxltechn
SamsungGalaxy Grand Neobaffinlitedtv
Galaxy Grand Neobaffinq3g
Galaxy Grand Neobaffinlite
Galaxy Grand Neo Plusgrandneove3g
Galaxy Grand Neo+baffinq3gduosctc
SamsungGalaxy Grand Primefortunaltectc
Galaxy Grand Primefortunalte
Galaxy Grand Primefortunaltezh
Galaxy Grand Primefortuna3gdtv
Galaxy Grand Primefortuna3g
Galaxy Grand Primefortunaltezt
Galaxy Grand Primegrandprimelte
SamsungGalaxy Grand-Maxgrandmaxltekx
SamsungGalaxy Grand2ms013g
Galaxy Grand2ms01lte
Galaxy Grand2ms01ltelgt
Galaxy Grand2ms013gdtv
Galaxy Grand2ms013gss
Galaxy Grand2ms01lteskt
Galaxy Grand2ms01ltektt
SamsungGalaxy IndulgeSCH-R915
Galaxy IndulgeSCH-R910
SamsungGalaxy Infiniteinfinite3gduosctc
SamsungGalaxy Jhltejs01tw
Galaxy J1j13g
SamsungGalaxy KSHW-M130K
Galaxy K Zoomm2altecan
Galaxy K Zoomm2a3g
Galaxy K Zoomm2altelgt
Galaxy K Zoomm2alte
SamsungGalaxy M Pro2lucas
Galaxy M Stylevastoicmcc
Galaxy M StyleSHW-M340L
Galaxy M StyleSHW-M340S
SamsungGalaxy Mega 2mega23g
SamsungGalaxy Mega 5.8crater3gctc
Galaxy Mega 5.8craterss
Galaxy Mega 5.8crater
Galaxy Mega 5.8cratertd3g
SamsungGalaxy Mega 6.3meliusltecan
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliuslte
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliuslteatt
Galaxy Mega 6.3melius3g
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliuslteskt
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliusltektt
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliusltelgt
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliusltespr
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliuslteusc
Galaxy Mega 6.3melius3gduosctc
Galaxy Mega 6.3meliuslteMetroPCS
SamsungGalaxy Mega Pluscraterq3g
Galaxy Mega Plusmegapluslte
SamsungGalaxy Mega2mega2lteatt
Galaxy Mega2mega2lte
Galaxy Mega2vastaltezh
Galaxy Mega2vastalte
Galaxy Mega2vasta3g
SamsungGalaxy MiniSGH-T499
Galaxy MiniGT-S5570
Galaxy MiniSGH-T499Y
Galaxy MiniSGH-T499V
Galaxy MiniGT-S5570B
Galaxy MiniGT-S5570L
Galaxy MiniGT-S5570I
Galaxy MiniGT-S5578
SamsungGalaxy Mini2GT-S6500
Galaxy Mini2GT-S6500D
Galaxy Mini2GT-S6500T
Galaxy Mini2GT-S6500L
SamsungGalaxy Musicivoryss
Galaxy Music Duosivory
SamsungGalaxy NeoSHW-M220L
SamsungGalaxy Nexusmaguro
Galaxy Nexustoroplus
SamsungGalaxy NoteSHV-E160S
Galaxy NoteGT-I9220
Galaxy NoteSHV-E160K
Galaxy NoteSGH-I717D
Galaxy NoteGT-I9228
Galaxy NoteSGH-I717R
Galaxy NoteSCH-i889
Galaxy NoteSC-05D
Galaxy NoteSGH-I717
Galaxy NoteGT-N7005
Galaxy NoteGT-N7000
Galaxy NoteSGH-I717M
Galaxy NoteSHV-E160L
Galaxy NoteSGH-T879
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1p4notewifi43241any
Galaxy Note 10.1lt03lteskt
Galaxy Note 10.1p4notewifiktt
Galaxy Note 10.1p4noteltespr
Galaxy Note 10.1p4notewifiany
Galaxy Note 10.1p4notewifi
Galaxy Note 10.1p4notelteskt
Galaxy Note 10.1lt033g
Galaxy Note 10.1p4noteltektt
Galaxy Note 10.1p4notewifiww
Galaxy Note 10.1lt03ltelgt
Galaxy Note 10.1p4notelte
Galaxy Note 10.1lt03ltektt
Galaxy Note 10.1p4notelteusc
Galaxy Note 10.1p4noterfktt
Galaxy Note 10.1p4noteltevzw
Galaxy Note 10.1p4noteltelgt
Galaxy Note 10.1p4noterf
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1 2014 Editionlt03lte
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Editionlt03wifikx
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Editionlt03wifiue
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Editionlt03ltevzw
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Editionlt03wifi
SamsungGalaxy Note 8konalteatt
Galaxy Note 8.0kona3g
Galaxy Note 8.0konalte
Galaxy Note 8.0konawifiany
Galaxy Note 8.0konaltecan
Galaxy Note 8.0konawifi
SamsungGalaxy Note Edgetbltetmo
Galaxy Note Edgetbelteskt
Galaxy Note Edgetblteusc
Galaxy Note Edgetbltespr
Galaxy Note Edgetbeltektt
Galaxy Note Edgetbltecan
Galaxy Note Edgetbltevzw
Galaxy Note Edgetblteatt
Galaxy Note Edgetbeltelgt
Galaxy Note Edgetbltechn
Galaxy Note EdgeSCL24
Galaxy Note Edgetblte
SamsungGalaxy Note IIt03g
SamsungGalaxy Note Pro 12.2v1awifi
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2viennaltekx
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2v1awifikx
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2viennaltevzw
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2v1a3g
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2viennalte
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2viennalteatt
SamsungGalaxy Note2t03gchnduos
Galaxy Note2SC-02E
Galaxy Note2t03gcuduos
Galaxy Note2t0lte
Galaxy Note2t0ltetmo
Galaxy Note2t0lteatt
Galaxy Note2t0ltespr
Galaxy Note2t03gchn
Galaxy Note2t0ltevzw
Galaxy Note2t0lteskt
Galaxy Note2t0ltelgt
Galaxy Note2t03gcmcc
Galaxy Note2t0ltecmcc
Galaxy Note2t03gctc
Galaxy Note2t0lteusc
Galaxy Note2t0ltedcm
Galaxy Note2t0ltecan
Galaxy Note2t0ltektt
SamsungGalaxy Note3SCL22
Galaxy Note3hltevzw
Galaxy Note3SC-02F
Galaxy Note3hlteskt
Galaxy Note3ha3g
Galaxy Note3hltektt
Galaxy Note3hlteusc
Galaxy Note3hltecan
Galaxy Note3hltetmo
Galaxy Note3hltespr
Galaxy Note3hltelgt
Galaxy Note3hlteatt
Galaxy Note3hlte
SamsungGalaxy Note3 Neofrescoltelgt
Galaxy Note3 Neofrescolteskt
Galaxy Note3 Neohllte
Galaxy Note3 Neohl3g
Galaxy Note3 Neofrescoltektt
Galaxy Note3 Neohl3gds
SamsungGalaxy Note4trltevzw
Galaxy Note4trhplte
Galaxy Note4trlteusc
Galaxy Note4tre3g
Galaxy Note4tre3caltelgt
Galaxy Note4trltecan
Galaxy Note4treltektt
Galaxy Note4trltetmo
Galaxy Note4trelteskt
Galaxy Note4treltelgt
Galaxy Note4tre3caltektt
Galaxy Note4trltechn
Galaxy Note4trelte
Galaxy Note4trlte
Galaxy Note4trltespr
Galaxy Note4tre3calteskt
Galaxy Note4trltechnzh
Galaxy Note4trlteatt
SamsungGalaxy NXu0lteue
SamsungGalaxy PlayerYP-GB70
Galaxy Player 3.6YP-GS1
Galaxy Player 4YP-GB1
Galaxy Player 4.0YP-G1
Galaxy Player 4.2YP-GI1
Galaxy Player 5YP-G70
Galaxy Player 5.8harrisonkrlgt
Galaxy Player 5.8harrisonkrktt
Galaxy Player 5.8harrison
Galaxy Player 50YP-G50
Galaxy player 70 PlusYP-GB70D
SamsungGalaxy PocketGT-S5302
Galaxy PocketGT-S5300L
Galaxy PocketGT-S5300B
Galaxy PocketGT-S5300
Galaxy PocketGT-S5302B
SamsungGalaxy Pocket Neocorsicass
Galaxy Pocket Neod2aio
Galaxy Pocket Neocorsica
Galaxy Pocket Neocorsicaveds3gvj
Galaxy Pocket Neocorsicave3g
Galaxy Pocket Pluscoriplus
SamsungGalaxy Pocket2pocket2ss3g
Galaxy Pocket2pocket23g
SamsungGalaxy Popsuperiorlteskt
Galaxy Pop (CDMA)SCH-i559
SamsungGalaxy PrecedentSCH-M828C
Galaxy Premiersuperiorcmcc
Galaxy Premiersuperior
SamsungGalaxy PrevailSPH-M820
Galaxy Prevail2raybst
SamsungGalaxy ProGT-B7510
Galaxy ProGT-B7510B
Galaxy ProGT-B7510L
SamsungGalaxy ProclaimSCH-S720C
SamsungGalaxy QSGH-T589W
Galaxy QSGH-T589R
Galaxy QSGH-T589
SamsungGalaxy R-Stylejaguarl
Galaxy R-Stylejaguark
Galaxy R-Stylejaguars
SamsungGalaxy Reverbiconvmu
SamsungGalaxy Roundflteskt
SamsungGalaxy Rugbycomanchecan
Galaxy Rugby Procomancheatt
SamsungGalaxy Rushprevail2spr
SamsungGalaxy SSGH-T959V
Galaxy SGT-I9003
Galaxy SSHW-M190S
Galaxy SSGH-I897
Galaxy SGT-I9018
Galaxy SGT-I9050
Galaxy SSCH-S950C
Galaxy SSC-02B
Galaxy SGT-I9000T
Galaxy SGT-I9008L
Galaxy SSCH-i909
Galaxy SGT-I9000B
Galaxy SGT-I9010
Galaxy SGT-I9000M
Galaxy SSHW-M110S
Galaxy SSCH-I500
Galaxy SGT-I9003L
Galaxy SSGH-T959W
Galaxy SSPH-D700
Galaxy SGT-I9000
SamsungGalaxy S AdvanceGT-I9070
Galaxy S AdvanceGT-I9070P
SamsungGalaxy S AviatorSCH-R930
Galaxy S BlazeSGH-T769
Galaxy S BlazeQapexqtmo
SamsungGalaxy S CaptivateSGH-I896
Galaxy S ContinuumSCH-I400
SamsungGalaxy S Duoskyleopen
Galaxy S Duoskylechn
Galaxy S Duoskyletdcmcc
SamsungGalaxy S Duos2kyleprods
Galaxy S Duos3vivalto3gvn
SamsungGalaxy S FascinateSGH-T959P
SamsungGalaxy S GlideSGH-I927R
SamsungGalaxy S LightraySCH-R940
SamsungGalaxy S PlusGT-I9001
SamsungGalaxy S StratosphereSCH-I405
SamsungGalaxy S VibrantSGH-T959
Galaxy S VibrantSGH-T959D
SamsungGalaxy S2SC-02C
Galaxy S2SGH-T989
Galaxy S2GT-I9108
Galaxy S2SHW-M250S
Galaxy S2SHW-M250L
Galaxy S2GT-I9100M
Galaxy S2SHW-M250K
Galaxy S2GT-I9210T
Galaxy S2GT-I9100
Galaxy S2t1cmcc
Galaxy S2GT-I9103
Galaxy S2GT-I9100P
Galaxy S2SGH-I777
Galaxy S2SHV-E110S
Galaxy S2GT-I9100T
Galaxy S2SGH-S959G
Galaxy S2SCH-R760X
SamsungGalaxy S2 DuosSCH-i929
SamsungGalaxy S2 EpicSCH-R760
Galaxy S2 EpicSPH-D710VMUB
Galaxy S2 EpicSPH-D710BST
Galaxy S2 EpicSPH-D710
SamsungGalaxy S2 HD LTESHV-E120S
Galaxy S2 HD LTESHV-E120K
Galaxy S2 HD LTESHV-E120L
Galaxy S2 HD LTESGH-I757M
SamsungGalaxy S2 LTESC-03D
Galaxy S2 LTESGH-I727R
Galaxy S2 LTEGT-I9210
SamsungGalaxy S2 PlusGT-I9100G
Galaxy S2 Pluss2vep
Galaxy S2 Pluss2ve
SamsungGalaxy S2 SkyrocketSGH-I727
SamsungGalaxy S2 WimaxISW11SC
Galaxy S2 XSGH-T989D
SamsungGalaxy S3d2tmo
Galaxy S3m0
Galaxy S3d2cri
Galaxy S3d2usc
Galaxy S3m0skt
Galaxy S3d2can
Galaxy S3SC-03E
Galaxy S3m0ctc
Galaxy S3d2ltetmo
Galaxy S3d2mtr
Galaxy S3d2spr
Galaxy S3m3dcm
Galaxy S3d2vzw
Galaxy S3d2att
Galaxy S3d2tfnvzw
Galaxy S3m0chn
Galaxy S3m0apt
Galaxy S3m3
Galaxy S3d2xar
Galaxy S3m0cmcc
Galaxy S3m0ctcduos
Galaxy S3c1lgt
Galaxy S3c1ktt
Galaxy S3d2dcm
Galaxy S3d2lteMetroPCS
Galaxy S3d2spi
Galaxy S3d2vmu
Galaxy S3c1skt
Galaxy S3c1att
Galaxy S3d2tfnspr
Galaxy S3d2lterefreshspr
SamsungGalaxy S3 Minigoldenltebmc
Galaxy S3 Minigoldenltevzw
Galaxy S3 Minigolden
Galaxy S3 Minigoldenlteatt
SamsungGalaxy S3 Mini Value Editiongoldenve3g
Galaxy S3 Mini Value Editiongoldenvess3g
SamsungGalaxy S3 Neos3ve3gdsdd
Galaxy S3 Neos3ve3gdd
Galaxy S3 Neos3ve3gds
SamsungGalaxy S3 Neo Pluss3ve3g
Galaxy S3 ProgreSCL21
SamsungGalaxy S4jflteusc
Galaxy S4jfltetfntmo
Galaxy S4jfltevzw
Galaxy S4jaltektt
Galaxy S4jalteskt
Galaxy S4SC-04E
Galaxy S4jflteatt
Galaxy S4ja3gduosctc
Galaxy S4jflteaio
Galaxy S4jaltelgt
Galaxy S4ja3g
Galaxy S4jfwifi
Galaxy S4ks01ltektt
Galaxy S4jfltecan
Galaxy S4jfltetfnatt
Galaxy S4jfltecsp
Galaxy S4jflterefreshspr
Galaxy S4jflte
Galaxy S4jfltespr
Galaxy S4jfvelte
Galaxy S4jfltelra
Galaxy S4ks01lte
Galaxy S4ks01ltelgt
Galaxy S4jfltetmo
Galaxy S4jfltecri
Galaxy S4jftdd
SamsungGalaxy S4 Activejactivelte
Galaxy S4 Activejactivelteatt
Galaxy S4 Activejactivelteskt
SamsungGalaxy S4 Duosja3gchnduos
Galaxy S4 Google Play Editionjgedlte
Galaxy S4 LTE-Aks01lteskt
SamsungGalaxy S4 Miniserranove3g
Galaxy S4 Miniserranoltelra
Galaxy S4 Miniserranoltekx
Galaxy S4 Miniserranoltevzw
Galaxy S4 Miniserranods
Galaxy S4 Miniserranoltespr
Galaxy S4 Miniserranoltebmc
Galaxy S4 Miniserranolteusc
Galaxy S4 Miniserranovelte
Galaxy S4 Miniserrano3g
Galaxy S4 Miniserranolte
Galaxy S4 Miniserranovolteatt
Galaxy S4 Miniserranoltektt
SamsungGalaxy S4 Zoommprojectlteskt
Galaxy S4 Zoommprojectltelgt
Galaxy S4 Zoommprojectlteatt
Galaxy S4 Zoommproject3g
Galaxy S4 Zoommprojectqlte
SamsungGalaxy S5kltespr
Galaxy S5klteskt
Galaxy S5klte
Galaxy S5klteMetroPCS
Galaxy S5klteatt
Galaxy S5k3g
Galaxy S5klteacg
Galaxy S5SCL23
Galaxy S5klteusc
Galaxy S5lentisltektt
Galaxy S5lentisltelgt
Galaxy S5kltelra
Galaxy S5klteaio
Galaxy S5kwifi
Galaxy S5kltecan
Galaxy S5lentislteskt
Galaxy S5kltevzw
Galaxy S5kltetmo
Galaxy S5kltelgt
Galaxy S5klteduoszn
Galaxy S5kltektt
SamsungGalaxy S5 Activeklteactive
Galaxy S5 Activeklteattactive
Galaxy S5 Activekltecanactive
Galaxy S5 Google Play Editionkgedlte
Galaxy S5 K Sportkltesprsports
Galaxy S5 LTE-Akccat6
SamsungGalaxy S5 Minikminilteatt
Galaxy S5 Minikminiwifi
Galaxy S5 Minikmini3g
Galaxy S5 Minikminilteusc
Galaxy S5 mini LTEkminilte
SamsungGalaxy Spicaspica
Galaxy SpicaGT-I5700L
Galaxy SpicaGT-I5700
SamsungGalaxy Starmint
Galaxy Starmintss
Galaxy Star Pluslogan2g
Galaxy Star Triosmintts
Galaxy Star2 Plushiggs2g
SamsungGalaxy Stellarjaspervzw
Galaxy Style Duosaruba3gduosctc
SamsungGalaxy TabSHW-M180S
Galaxy TabGT-P1010
Galaxy TabSCH-I800
Galaxy TabGT-P1000
Galaxy TabGT-P1000T
Galaxy TabSHW-M180K
Galaxy TabGT-P1000L
Galaxy TabGT-P1000R
Galaxy TabSHW-M180L
Galaxy TabGT-P1000N
Galaxy TabSGH-T849
Galaxy TabGT-P1013
Galaxy TabSHW-M180W
Galaxy TabSMT-i9100
Galaxy TabGT-P1000M
Galaxy TabSC-01C
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1SHW-M300W
Galaxy Tab 10.1SHW-M380S
Galaxy Tab 10.1SCH-I905
Galaxy Tab 10.1GT-P7500D
Galaxy Tab 10.1SHW-M380W
Galaxy Tab 10.1SC-01D
Galaxy Tab 10.1SHW-M380K
Galaxy Tab 10.1SGH-T859
Galaxy Tab 10.1GT-P7503
Galaxy Tab 10.1GT-P7500
Galaxy Tab 10.1 NGT-P7501
Galaxy Tab 10.1 NGT-P7511
Galaxy Tab 10.1 vp3
SamsungGalaxy Tab 4 8.0milletwifikx
Galaxy Tab 7.0SPH-P100
SamsungGalaxy Tab 7.0 PlusGT-P6200
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusSC-02D
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusGT-P6201
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusGT-P6211
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusSHW-M430W
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusSGH-T869
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusGT-P6200L
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusGT-P6210
SamsungGalaxy Tab 7.7GT-P6800
Galaxy Tab 7.7SCH-I815
Galaxy Tab 7.7GT-P6810
Galaxy Tab 7.7 PlusSC-01E
SamsungGalaxy Tab 8.9SHV-E140K
Galaxy Tab 8.9SGH-I957D
Galaxy Tab 8.9SGH-I957M
Galaxy Tab 8.9SHV-E140S
Galaxy Tab 8.9SGH-I957
Galaxy Tab 8.9SCH-P739
Galaxy Tab 8.9GT-P7310
Galaxy Tab 8.9SHV-E140L
Galaxy Tab 8.9GT-P7320
Galaxy Tab 8.9SGH-I957R
Galaxy Tab 8.9SHW-M305W
Galaxy Tab 8.9GT-P7300
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 10.1picassowifi
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1picassolte
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Chef Collectionpicassowificc
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2v2wifi
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2v2lte
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 8.4mondrianwifiue
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4mondrianlte
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4mondrianwifikx
SamsungGalaxy Tab Qq7
Galaxy Tab S 10.5chagallwifi
Galaxy Tab S 8.4SC-03G
Galaxy Tab S 8.4klimtltevzw
SamsungGalaxy Tab2 10.1espresso10wifi
Galaxy Tab2 10.1espresso10rf
Galaxy Tab2 10.1espresso10spr
Galaxy Tab2 10.1espresso10tmo
Galaxy Tab2 10.1espresso10vzw
Galaxy Tab2 10.1espresso10can
Galaxy Tab2 10.1espresso10att
Galaxy Tab2 7.0espressowifi
Galaxy Tab2 7.0espressorf
Galaxy Tab2 7.0espressovzw
SamsungGalaxy Tab3lt01wifikx
Galaxy Tab3 10.1santos10wifi
Galaxy Tab3 10.1santos103g
Galaxy Tab3 10.1santos10lte
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt023gdtv
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt02lte
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt02wifi
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt02ltetmo
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt02wifilgt
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt02lteatt
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt023g
Galaxy Tab3 7.0lt02ltespr
Galaxy Tab3 8.0lt01wifi
Galaxy Tab3 8.0lt01lte
Galaxy Tab3 8.0lt013g
Galaxy Tab3 8.0lt02lduwifi
Galaxy Tab3 Kidslt02kidswifi
Galaxy Tab3 Litegoyawifi
Galaxy Tab3 Litegoya3g
Galaxy Tab3V 7.0goyavewifixtc
Galaxy Tab3V 7.0goyave3gsea
SamsungGalaxy Tab4matissewifigoogle
Galaxy Tab4 10.0matisselte
Galaxy Tab4 10.0matisseltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 10.0matisse3g
Galaxy Tab4 10.0matisselteatt
Galaxy Tab4 10.0matisselteusc
Galaxy Tab4 10.1matissewifi
Galaxy Tab4 10.1matissewifikx
Galaxy Tab4 10.1matissewifiue
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degas3g
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degaswifiue
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degaswifidtv
Galaxy Tab4 7.0403SC
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degaswifi
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degaswifiopenbnn
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degaslte
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degasltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 7.0degasltespr
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletlteatt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletltetmo
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletwifiue
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletwifi
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletltelgt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletltektt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0milletlte
Galaxy Tab4 8.0millet3g
Galaxy Tab4 Activerubenswifi
Galaxy Tab4 Activerubenslte
Galaxy Tab4 Nook 10.1matissewifiopenbnn
SamsungGalaxy TabS 10.5chagalllteatt
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallhltektt
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallltespr
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallhlteskt
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallhltelgt
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallltevzw
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagalllteusc
Galaxy TabS 10.5SCT21
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallltetmo
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallltecan
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagallwifikx
Galaxy TabS 10.5chagalllte
SamsungGalaxy TabS 8.4klimtlte
Galaxy TabS 8.4klimtltecan
Galaxy TabS 8.4klimtlteatt
Galaxy TabS 8.4klimtwifi
Galaxy TabS 8.4klimtwifikx
Galaxy Tap Pro 8.4mondrianwifi
SamsungGalaxy Trendkyleve
Galaxy Trendkyleve3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend Duoskylepluschn
Galaxy Trend Duoskyleichn
Galaxy Trend Litekylevess
Galaxy Trend Pluskylepro
SamsungGalaxy Trend2garda3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend2gardave3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend2kyleplusctc
SamsungGalaxy Trend3cs02ctc
Galaxy Trend3cs02ve
Galaxy Trend3cs02ve3g
Galaxy Trend3cs02cmcc
Galaxy USHW-M130L
SamsungGalaxy Victorygoghvmu
Galaxy Victorygoghspr
SamsungGalaxy WGT-I8150
Galaxy WGT-I8150T
Galaxy WGT-I8150B
Galaxy WSGH-T679M
SamsungGalaxy Windeloslteskt
Galaxy windelos3gss
Galaxy Windelos3geur
Galaxy Windelosltelgt
Galaxy Windelos3gduosctc
Galaxy Windelos3gcmcc
Galaxy Win Duosdelos3gchn
SamsungGalaxy Win Prowilcoxds
Galaxy Win Prowilcoxctc
Galaxy Win Prowilcox3g
Galaxy Win2coreprimeltedtv
SamsungGalaxy XcoverGT-S5690R
Galaxy XcoverGT-S5690M
Galaxy XcoverGT-S5690L
Galaxy XcoverGT-S5690
Galaxy Xcover2skomer
SamsungGalaxy YGT-S5368
Galaxy YGT-S5360T
Galaxy YGT-S5369
Galaxy YSCH-i509
Galaxy YSCH-I509
Galaxy YGT-S5363
Galaxy YGT-S5360B
Galaxy YGT-S5360
Galaxy YGT-S5360L
SamsungGalaxy Y DuosGT-S6102B
Galaxy Y DuosGT-S6102
Galaxy Y DuosGT-S6102E
Galaxy Y Pluscoriplusds
Galaxy Y PopGT-S6108
SamsungGalaxy Y ProGT-B5510B
Galaxy Y ProGT-B5510L
Galaxy Y ProGT-B5510
Galaxy Y Pro DuosGT-B5512B
Galaxy Y Pro DuosGT-B5512
Galaxy Y TVGT-S5367
SamsungGalaxy Youngroydtv
Galaxy Youngroyssdtv
Galaxy Youngroy
Galaxy Youngroyssnfc
Galaxy Youngroyss
SamsungGalaxy Young2young2nfc3g
Galaxy Young2young23g
Galaxy Young2young23gdtv
Galaxy Young2young2ds2g
SamsungGear Livesprat
Roy VE DTVroyvedtv
Roy VE DTVroyssvedtv
Rugby SmartSGH-I847
Samsung Galaxy S4jflteMetroPCS
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoommprojectltektt
Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere2aegis2vzw
SamsungSamsung Gardagardaltetmo
Samsung Homesyncspcwifiany
SamsungTransform UltraSPH-M930
Transform UltraSPH-M930BST

We will be adding the codenames of more Samsung Galaxy devices very soon. Stay tuned! If you don’t find your device listed above, please let us know.

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