Like all Android devices, most Samsung devices that run on the most popular platform, also have a codename attached to them. These codenames are often used for correctly identifying the device model for development purposes.

Suppose you have to download Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root package for your Samsung device and want to download the correct root package, you must know your phone’s codename for that. The same thing applies to ROM repositories.

Since it’s not a very easy job to find the codename of Android devices, we have made an exhaustive list of codenames of all Samsung devices from Google Play Developer Console for the sake of your convenience and easy reference.

Codenames of Samsung Galaxy Devices


 Device Name

 Device Codename

Samsung Absolute GT-B9120
Samsung Acclaim SCH-R880
Samsung Admire SCH-R720
Samsung Baffin baffinltelgt
Samsung Behold II SGH_T939
Behold II sgh-t939
Samsung Captivate Glide SGH-I927
Samsung China Telecom kylevectc
Samsung Conquer SPH-D600
Samsung DoubleTime SGH-I857
Samsung Droid Charge SCH-I510
Samsung EK-KC120K gd1ltektt
Samsung Europa GT-I5500L
Europa GT-I5500B
Europa GT-I5500M
Europa GT-I5510L
Europa GT-I5503T
Samsung Exhibit SGH-T759
Samsung Galaxy gt-i7500
Samsung Galaxy (China) GT-B9062
Samsung Galaxy 070 hendrix
Samsung Galaxy A archer
Samsung Galaxy A3 a3ltechn
Galaxy A3 a3ltezh
Galaxy A3 a3ulte
Galaxy A3 a33g
Galaxy A3 a3lte
Galaxy A3 a3ltectc
Samsung Galaxy A5 a5ltezh
Galaxy A5 a5ltezt
Galaxy A5 a5ulteskt
Galaxy A5 a5lte
Galaxy A5 a5ultektt
Galaxy A5 a5ltectc
Galaxy A5 a5ultelgt
Galaxy A5 a53g
Galaxy A5 a5ltechn
Samsung Galaxy A7 a7alte
Galaxy A7 a7ltektt
Galaxy A7 a7ltelgt
Galaxy A7 a7lteskt
Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830T
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
Galaxy Ace heat3gou
Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i
Galaxy Ace heatlte
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830L
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830C
Galaxy Ace GT-S6358
Galaxy Ace SHW-M240S
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830B
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830G
Galaxy Ace GT-S5838
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830F
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i
Galaxy Ace SCH-I619
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830D
Galaxy Ace GT-S5831i
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830M
Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 vivaltods5m
Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite vivalto3g
Samsung Galaxy Ace Advance GT-S6800
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i589
Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589
Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6802B
Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6352
Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579
Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I579
Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6802
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7508
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500L
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500W
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500T
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500
Samsung Galaxy Ace Q SGH-I827D
Samsung Galaxy Ace Style heat3gtfnvzw
Galaxy Ace Style heatnfc3g
Galaxy Ace Style heatqlte
Samsung Galaxy Ace2 GT-I8160L
Galaxy Ace2 GT-I8160
Galaxy Ace2 GT-I8160P
Samsung Galaxy Ace2 X kylessopen
Samsung Galaxy Ace3 logan
Galaxy Ace3 logands
Galaxy Ace3 loganlte
Galaxy Ace3 loganrelte
Galaxy Ace3 logan3gcmcc
Samsung Galaxy Ace3 Duos loganu3gcmcc
Galaxy Ace3 Duos loganlite3g
Samsung Galaxy Ace3 Duos TV logandsdtv
Samsung Galaxy Ace4 vivaltonfc3g
Galaxy Ace4 vivaltolte
Galaxy Ace4 vivalto5mve3g
Samsung Galaxy Ace4 Lite vivalto
Samsung Galaxy Ace4 Neo vivalto3mve3gltn
Samsung Galaxy Admire SCH-R820
Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 goghcri
Samsung Galaxy Alpha sltechn
Galaxy Alpha sltecan
Galaxy Alpha slte
Galaxy Alpha slteskt
Galaxy Alpha sltektt
Galaxy Alpha slteatt
Galaxy Alpha sltelgt
Samsung Galaxy Amp kyleatt
Samsung Galaxy Apollo GT-I5800
Galaxy Apollo GT-I5801
Galaxy Apollo GT-I5800D
Samsung Galaxy Appeal SGH-I827
Samsung Galaxy Attain SCH-R920
Samsung Galaxy Avant afyonltetmo
Samsung Galaxy Axiom infiniteusc
Samsung Galaxy Beam GT-I8530
Galaxy Beam GT-I8250
Samsung Galaxy Camera gd1
Galaxy Camera gd1att
Galaxy Camera u0lte
Galaxy Camera gd1ktt
Galaxy Camera gd1can
Galaxy Camera gd1wifiany
Galaxy Camera gd1wifi
Galaxy Camera gd1skt
Galaxy Camera gd1ltelgt
Galaxy Camera gd1ltevzw
Galaxy Camera gd1lteskt
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 sf2wifi
Samsung Galaxy Centura amazing3gtrf
Samsung Galaxy Chat zanin
Samsung Galaxy Core afyonlteMetroPCS
Galaxy Core arubaslim
Galaxy Core afyonltecan
Samsung Galaxy Core Advance cane3gskt
Galaxy Core Advance cane3g
Samsung Galaxy Core Lite victorlte
Samsung Galaxy Core LTE cs03lte
Galaxy Core LTE afyonlte
Samsung Galaxy Core Max kleoslte
Samsung Galaxy Core Plus cs02
Galaxy Core Plus cs023g
Galaxy Core Plus cs02ve3gdtv
Galaxy Core Plus cs02ve3gss
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime rossalte
Galaxy Core Prime rossaltexsa
Galaxy Core Prime rossaltectc
Galaxy Core Prime core33g
Galaxy Core Prime coreprimelte
Samsung Galaxy Core Safe arubaslimss
Samsung Galaxy Core2 kanas3gcmcc
Galaxy Core2 kanas3gnfc
Galaxy Core2 kanas3g
Galaxy Core2 kanas
Galaxy Core2 kanas3gctc
Samsung Galaxy Discover amazingtrfcd
Galaxy Discover amazing3gcri
Samsung Galaxy Duos aruba3gcmcc
Samsung Galaxy E7 e7lte
Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500
Galaxy Europa GT-I5510
Galaxy Europa GT-I5508
Galaxy Europa GT-I5503
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit codinavid
Galaxy Exhibit codinatmo
Galaxy Exhibit codinaMetroPCS
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit2 SGH-T679
Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate SGH-I577
Samsung Galaxy Express expresslte
Samsung Galaxy Express expressziglteatt
Samsung Galaxy Express expressatt
Samsung Galaxy Express2 wilcoxlte
Samsung Galaxy Fame nevisds
Samsung Galaxy Fame nevisp
Samsung Galaxy Fame nevis3g
Samsung Galaxy Fame nevisvess
Samsung Galaxy Fame nevis3gcmcc
Samsung Galaxy Fame nevis
Samsung Galaxy Fame nevisnvess
Samsung Galaxy Fame SCH-I629
Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite Duos nevisw
Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670
Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670L
Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670B
Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660L
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660M
Galaxy Gio SHW-M290K
Galaxy Gio SHW-M290S
Galaxy Gio SCH-i569
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660B
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660V
Samsung Galaxy Golden ks02lte
Galaxy Golden ks02ltektt
Galaxy Golden ks02lteskt
Galaxy Golden 2 pateklte
Samsung Galaxy Grand baffinvetd3g
Galaxy Grand baffinvektt
Galaxy Grand baffinltektt
Galaxy Grand baffinss
Galaxy Grand baffinrd
Galaxy Grand baffinveskt
Galaxy Grand baffinlteskt
Galaxy Grand baffin3gduosctc
Galaxy Grand baffincmcc
Samsung Galaxy Grand duos baffin
Samsung Galaxy Grand Max grandmaxltechn
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo baffinlitedtv
Galaxy Grand Neo baffinq3g
Galaxy Grand Neo baffinlite
Galaxy Grand Neo Plus grandneove3g
Galaxy Grand Neo+ baffinq3gduosctc
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime fortunaltectc
Galaxy Grand Prime fortunalte
Galaxy Grand Prime fortunaltezh
Galaxy Grand Prime fortuna3gdtv
Galaxy Grand Prime fortuna3g
Galaxy Grand Prime fortunaltezt
Galaxy Grand Prime grandprimelte
Samsung Galaxy Grand-Max grandmaxltekx
Samsung Galaxy Grand2 ms013g
Galaxy Grand2 ms01lte
Galaxy Grand2 ms01ltelgt
Galaxy Grand2 ms013gdtv
Galaxy Grand2 ms013gss
Galaxy Grand2 ms01lteskt
Galaxy Grand2 ms01ltektt
Samsung Galaxy Indulge SCH-R915
Galaxy Indulge SCH-R910
Samsung Galaxy Infinite infinite3gduosctc
Samsung Galaxy J hltejs01tw
Galaxy J1 j13g
Samsung Galaxy K SHW-M130K
Galaxy K Zoom m2altecan
Galaxy K Zoom m2a3g
Galaxy K Zoom m2altelgt
Galaxy K Zoom m2alte
Samsung Galaxy M Pro2 lucas
Galaxy M Style vastoicmcc
Galaxy M Style SHW-M340L
Galaxy M Style SHW-M340S
Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 mega23g
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 crater3gctc
Galaxy Mega 5.8 craterss
Galaxy Mega 5.8 crater
Galaxy Mega 5.8 cratertd3g
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltecan
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslte
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteatt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 melius3g
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteskt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltektt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltelgt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltespr
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteusc
Galaxy Mega 6.3 melius3gduosctc
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteMetroPCS
Samsung Galaxy Mega Plus craterq3g
Galaxy Mega Plus megapluslte
Samsung Galaxy Mega2 mega2lteatt
Galaxy Mega2 mega2lte
Galaxy Mega2 vastaltezh
Galaxy Mega2 vastalte
Galaxy Mega2 vasta3g
Samsung Galaxy Mini SGH-T499
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
Galaxy Mini SGH-T499Y
Galaxy Mini SGH-T499V
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570B
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570L
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570I
Galaxy Mini GT-S5578
Samsung Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500
Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500D
Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500T
Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500L
Samsung Galaxy Music ivoryss
Galaxy Music Duos ivory
Samsung Galaxy Neo SHW-M220L
Samsung Galaxy Nexus maguro
Galaxy Nexus toroplus
Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160S
Galaxy Note GT-I9220
Galaxy Note SHV-E160K
Galaxy Note SGH-I717D
Galaxy Note GT-I9228
Galaxy Note SGH-I717R
Galaxy Note SCH-i889
Galaxy Note SC-05D
Galaxy Note SGH-I717
Galaxy Note GT-N7005
Galaxy Note GT-N7000
Galaxy Note SGH-I717M
Galaxy Note SHV-E160L
Galaxy Note SGH-T879
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifi43241any
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt03lteskt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifiktt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltespr
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifiany
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifi
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notelteskt
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt033g
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltektt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifiww
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt03ltelgt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notelte
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt03ltektt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notelteusc
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noterfktt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltevzw
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltelgt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noterf
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03lte
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03wifikx
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03wifiue
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03ltevzw
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03wifi
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 konalteatt
Galaxy Note 8.0 kona3g
Galaxy Note 8.0 konalte
Galaxy Note 8.0 konawifiany
Galaxy Note 8.0 konaltecan
Galaxy Note 8.0 konawifi
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge tbltetmo
Galaxy Note Edge tbelteskt
Galaxy Note Edge tblteusc
Galaxy Note Edge tbltespr
Galaxy Note Edge tbeltektt
Galaxy Note Edge tbltecan
Galaxy Note Edge tbltevzw
Galaxy Note Edge tblteatt
Galaxy Note Edge tbeltelgt
Galaxy Note Edge tbltechn
Galaxy Note Edge SCL24
Galaxy Note Edge tblte
Samsung Galaxy Note II t03g
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 v1awifi
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennaltekx
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 v1awifikx
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennaltevzw
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 v1a3g
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennalte
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennalteatt
Samsung Galaxy Note2 t03gchnduos
Galaxy Note2 SC-02E
Galaxy Note2 t03gcuduos
Galaxy Note2 t0lte
Galaxy Note2 t0ltetmo
Galaxy Note2 t0lteatt
Galaxy Note2 t0ltespr
Galaxy Note2 t03gchn
Galaxy Note2 t0ltevzw
Galaxy Note2 t0lteskt
Galaxy Note2 t0ltelgt
Galaxy Note2 t03gcmcc
Galaxy Note2 t0ltecmcc
Galaxy Note2 t03gctc
Galaxy Note2 t0lteusc
Galaxy Note2 t0ltedcm
Galaxy Note2 t0ltecan
Galaxy Note2 t0ltektt
Samsung Galaxy Note3 SCL22
Galaxy Note3 hltevzw
Galaxy Note3 SC-02F
Galaxy Note3 hlteskt
Galaxy Note3 ha3g
Galaxy Note3 hltektt
Galaxy Note3 hlteusc
Galaxy Note3 hltecan
Galaxy Note3 hltetmo
Galaxy Note3 hltespr
Galaxy Note3 hltelgt
Galaxy Note3 hlteatt
Galaxy Note3 hlte
Samsung Galaxy Note3 Neo frescoltelgt
Galaxy Note3 Neo frescolteskt
Galaxy Note3 Neo hllte
Galaxy Note3 Neo hl3g
Galaxy Note3 Neo frescoltektt
Galaxy Note3 Neo hl3gds
Samsung Galaxy Note4 trltevzw
Galaxy Note4 trhplte
Galaxy Note4 trlteusc
Galaxy Note4 tre3g
Galaxy Note4 tre3caltelgt
Galaxy Note4 trltecan
Galaxy Note4 treltektt
Galaxy Note4 trltetmo
Galaxy Note4 trelteskt
Galaxy Note4 treltelgt
Galaxy Note4 tre3caltektt
Galaxy Note4 trltechn
Galaxy Note4 trelte
Galaxy Note4 trlte
Galaxy Note4 trltespr
Galaxy Note4 tre3calteskt
Galaxy Note4 trltechnzh
Galaxy Note4 trlteatt
Samsung Galaxy NX u0lteue
Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GB70
Galaxy Player 3.6 YP-GS1
Galaxy Player 4 YP-GB1
Galaxy Player 4.0 YP-G1
Galaxy Player 4.2 YP-GI1
Galaxy Player 5 YP-G70
Galaxy Player 5.8 harrisonkrlgt
Galaxy Player 5.8 harrisonkrktt
Galaxy Player 5.8 harrison
Galaxy Player 50 YP-G50
Galaxy player 70 Plus YP-GB70D
Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5302
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300L
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300B
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5302B
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo corsicass
Galaxy Pocket Neo d2aio
Galaxy Pocket Neo corsica
Galaxy Pocket Neo corsicaveds3gvj
Galaxy Pocket Neo corsicave3g
Galaxy Pocket Plus coriplus
Samsung Galaxy Pocket2 pocket2ss3g
Galaxy Pocket2 pocket23g
Samsung Galaxy Pop superiorlteskt
Galaxy Pop (CDMA) SCH-i559
Samsung Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828C
Galaxy Premier superiorcmcc
Galaxy Premier superior
Samsung Galaxy Prevail SPH-M820
Galaxy Prevail2 raybst
Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510
Galaxy Pro GT-B7510B
Galaxy Pro GT-B7510L
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim SCH-S720C
Samsung Galaxy Q SGH-T589W
Galaxy Q SGH-T589R
Galaxy Q SGH-T589
Samsung Galaxy R-Style jaguarl
Galaxy R-Style jaguark
Galaxy R-Style jaguars
Samsung Galaxy Reverb iconvmu
Samsung Galaxy Round flteskt
Samsung Galaxy Rugby comanchecan
Galaxy Rugby Pro comancheatt
Samsung Galaxy Rush prevail2spr
Samsung Galaxy S SGH-T959V
Galaxy S GT-I9003
Galaxy S SHW-M190S
Galaxy S SGH-I897
Galaxy S GT-I9018
Galaxy S GT-I9050
Galaxy S SCH-S950C
Galaxy S SC-02B
Galaxy S GT-I9000T
Galaxy S GT-I9008L
Galaxy S SCH-i909
Galaxy S GT-I9000B
Galaxy S GT-I9010
Galaxy S GT-I9000M
Galaxy S SHW-M110S
Galaxy S SCH-I500
Galaxy S GT-I9003L
Galaxy S SGH-T959W
Galaxy S SPH-D700
Galaxy S GT-I9000
Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070
Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070P
Samsung Galaxy S Aviator SCH-R930
Galaxy S Blaze SGH-T769
Galaxy S BlazeQ apexqtmo
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH-I896
Galaxy S Continuum SCH-I400
Samsung Galaxy S Duos kyleopen
Galaxy S Duos kylechn
Galaxy S Duos kyletdcmcc
Samsung Galaxy S Duos2 kyleprods
Galaxy S Duos3 vivalto3gvn
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SGH-T959P
Samsung Galaxy S Glide SGH-I927R
Samsung Galaxy S Lightray SCH-R940
Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001
Samsung Galaxy S Stratosphere SCH-I405
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH-T959
Galaxy S Vibrant SGH-T959D
Samsung Galaxy S2 SC-02C
Galaxy S2 SGH-T989
Galaxy S2 GT-I9108
Galaxy S2 SHW-M250S
Galaxy S2 SHW-M250L
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100M
Galaxy S2 SHW-M250K
Galaxy S2 GT-I9210T
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
Galaxy S2 t1cmcc
Galaxy S2 GT-I9103
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100P
Galaxy S2 SGH-I777
Galaxy S2 SHV-E110S
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100T
Galaxy S2 SGH-S959G
Galaxy S2 SCH-R760X
Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos SCH-i929
Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic SCH-R760
Galaxy S2 Epic SPH-D710VMUB
Galaxy S2 Epic SPH-D710BST
Galaxy S2 Epic SPH-D710
Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120S
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120K
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120L
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SGH-I757M
Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE SC-03D
Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R
Galaxy S2 LTE GT-I9210
Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9100G
Galaxy S2 Plus s2vep
Galaxy S2 Plus s2ve
Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727
Samsung Galaxy S2 Wimax ISW11SC
Galaxy S2 X SGH-T989D
Samsung Galaxy S3 d2tmo
Galaxy S3 m0
Galaxy S3 d2cri
Galaxy S3 d2usc
Galaxy S3 m0skt
Galaxy S3 d2can
Galaxy S3 SC-03E
Galaxy S3 m0ctc
Galaxy S3 d2ltetmo
Galaxy S3 d2mtr
Galaxy S3 d2spr
Galaxy S3 m3dcm
Galaxy S3 d2vzw
Galaxy S3 d2att
Galaxy S3 d2tfnvzw
Galaxy S3 m0chn
Galaxy S3 m0apt
Galaxy S3 m3
Galaxy S3 d2xar
Galaxy S3 m0cmcc
Galaxy S3 m0ctcduos
Galaxy S3 c1lgt
Galaxy S3 c1ktt
Galaxy S3 d2dcm
Galaxy S3 d2lteMetroPCS
Galaxy S3 d2spi
Galaxy S3 d2vmu
Galaxy S3 c1skt
Galaxy S3 c1att
Galaxy S3 d2tfnspr
Galaxy S3 d2lterefreshspr
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini goldenltebmc
Galaxy S3 Mini goldenltevzw
Galaxy S3 Mini golden
Galaxy S3 Mini goldenlteatt
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition goldenve3g
Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition goldenvess3g
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo s3ve3gdsdd
Galaxy S3 Neo s3ve3gdd
Galaxy S3 Neo s3ve3gds
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Plus s3ve3g
Galaxy S3 Progre SCL21
Samsung Galaxy S4 jflteusc
Galaxy S4 jfltetfntmo
Galaxy S4 jfltevzw
Galaxy S4 jaltektt
Galaxy S4 jalteskt
Galaxy S4 SC-04E
Galaxy S4 jflteatt
Galaxy S4 ja3gduosctc
Galaxy S4 jflteaio
Galaxy S4 jaltelgt
Galaxy S4 ja3g
Galaxy S4 jfwifi
Galaxy S4 ks01ltektt
Galaxy S4 jfltecan
Galaxy S4 jfltetfnatt
Galaxy S4 jfltecsp
Galaxy S4 jflterefreshspr
Galaxy S4 jflte
Galaxy S4 jfltespr
Galaxy S4 jfvelte
Galaxy S4 jfltelra
Galaxy S4 ks01lte
Galaxy S4 ks01ltelgt
Galaxy S4 jfltetmo
Galaxy S4 jfltecri
Galaxy S4 jftdd
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active jactivelte
Galaxy S4 Active jactivelteatt
Galaxy S4 Active jactivelteskt
Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos ja3gchnduos
Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition jgedlte
Galaxy S4 LTE-A ks01lteskt
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini serranove3g
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltelra
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltekx
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltevzw
Galaxy S4 Mini serranods
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltespr
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltebmc
Galaxy S4 Mini serranolteusc
Galaxy S4 Mini serranovelte
Galaxy S4 Mini serrano3g
Galaxy S4 Mini serranolte
Galaxy S4 Mini serranovolteatt
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltektt
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectlteskt
Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectltelgt
Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectlteatt
Galaxy S4 Zoom mproject3g
Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectqlte
Samsung Galaxy S5 kltespr
Galaxy S5 klteskt
Galaxy S5 klte
Galaxy S5 klteMetroPCS
Galaxy S5 klteatt
Galaxy S5 k3g
Galaxy S5 klteacg
Galaxy S5 SCL23
Galaxy S5 klteusc
Galaxy S5 lentisltektt
Galaxy S5 lentisltelgt
Galaxy S5 kltelra
Galaxy S5 klteaio
Galaxy S5 kwifi
Galaxy S5 kltecan
Galaxy S5 lentislteskt
Galaxy S5 kltevzw
Galaxy S5 kltetmo
Galaxy S5 kltelgt
Galaxy S5 klteduoszn
Galaxy S5 kltektt
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active klteactive
Galaxy S5 Active klteattactive
Galaxy S5 Active kltecanactive
Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition kgedlte
Galaxy S5 K Sport kltesprsports
Galaxy S5 LTE-A kccat6
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini kminilteatt
Galaxy S5 Mini kminiwifi
Galaxy S5 Mini kmini3g
Galaxy S5 Mini kminilteusc
Galaxy S5 mini LTE kminilte
Samsung Galaxy Spica spica
Galaxy Spica GT-I5700L
Galaxy Spica GT-I5700
Samsung Galaxy Star mint
Galaxy Star mintss
Galaxy Star Plus logan2g
Galaxy Star Trios mintts
Galaxy Star2 Plus higgs2g
Samsung Galaxy Stellar jaspervzw
Galaxy Style Duos aruba3gduosctc
Samsung Galaxy Tab SHW-M180S
Galaxy Tab GT-P1010
Galaxy Tab SCH-I800
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000T
Galaxy Tab SHW-M180K
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000L
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000R
Galaxy Tab SHW-M180L
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000N
Galaxy Tab SGH-T849
Galaxy Tab GT-P1013
Galaxy Tab SHW-M180W
Galaxy Tab SMT-i9100
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M
Galaxy Tab SC-01C
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M300W
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380S
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SCH-I905
Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500D
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380W
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SC-01D
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380K
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859
Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7503
Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500
Galaxy Tab 10.1 N GT-P7501
Galaxy Tab 10.1 N GT-P7511
Galaxy Tab 10.1 v p3
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 milletwifikx
Galaxy Tab 7.0 SPH-P100
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02D
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6201
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6211
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SHW-M430W
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SGH-T869
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200L
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6210
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800
Galaxy Tab 7.7 SCH-I815
Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6810
Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHV-E140K
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957D
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957M
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHV-E140S
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SCH-P739
Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7310
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHV-E140L
Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7320
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957R
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHW-M305W
Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7300
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 picassowifi
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 picassolte
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Chef Collection picassowificc
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 v2wifi
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 v2lte
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 mondrianwifiue
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 mondrianlte
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 mondrianwifikx
Samsung Galaxy Tab Q q7
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 chagallwifi
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SC-03G
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 klimtltevzw
Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10wifi
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10rf
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10spr
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10tmo
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10vzw
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10can
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10att
Galaxy Tab2 7.0 espressowifi
Galaxy Tab2 7.0 espressorf
Galaxy Tab2 7.0 espressovzw
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 lt01wifikx
Galaxy Tab3 10.1 santos10wifi
Galaxy Tab3 10.1 santos103g
Galaxy Tab3 10.1 santos10lte
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt023gdtv
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02lte
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02wifi
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02ltetmo
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02wifilgt
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02lteatt
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt023g
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02ltespr
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt01wifi
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt01lte
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt013g
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt02lduwifi
Galaxy Tab3 Kids lt02kidswifi
Galaxy Tab3 Lite goyawifi
Galaxy Tab3 Lite goya3g
Galaxy Tab3V 7.0 goyavewifixtc
Galaxy Tab3V 7.0 goyave3gsea
Samsung Galaxy Tab4 matissewifigoogle
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisselte
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisseltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisse3g
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisselteatt
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisselteusc
Galaxy Tab4 10.1 matissewifi
Galaxy Tab4 10.1 matissewifikx
Galaxy Tab4 10.1 matissewifiue
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degas3g
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifiue
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifidtv
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 403SC
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifi
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifiopenbnn
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaslte
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degasltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degasltespr
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletlteatt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltetmo
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletwifiue
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletwifi
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltelgt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltektt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletlte
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 millet3g
Galaxy Tab4 Active rubenswifi
Galaxy Tab4 Active rubenslte
Galaxy Tab4 Nook 10.1 matissewifiopenbnn
Samsung Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagalllteatt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallhltektt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltespr
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallhlteskt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallhltelgt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltevzw
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagalllteusc
Galaxy TabS 10.5 SCT21
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltetmo
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltecan
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallwifikx
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagalllte
Samsung Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtlte
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtltecan
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtlteatt
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtwifi
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtwifikx
Galaxy Tap Pro 8.4 mondrianwifi
Samsung Galaxy Trend kyleve
Galaxy Trend kyleve3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend Duos kylepluschn
Galaxy Trend Duos kyleichn
Galaxy Trend Lite kylevess
Galaxy Trend Plus kylepro
Samsung Galaxy Trend2 garda3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend2 gardave3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend2 kyleplusctc
Samsung Galaxy Trend3 cs02ctc
Galaxy Trend3 cs02ve
Galaxy Trend3 cs02ve3g
Galaxy Trend3 cs02cmcc
Galaxy U SHW-M130L
Samsung Galaxy Victory goghvmu
Galaxy Victory goghspr
Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150
Galaxy W GT-I8150T
Galaxy W GT-I8150B
Galaxy W SGH-T679M
Samsung Galaxy Win deloslteskt
Galaxy win delos3gss
Galaxy Win delos3geur
Galaxy Win delosltelgt
Galaxy Win delos3gduosctc
Galaxy Win delos3gcmcc
Galaxy Win Duos delos3gchn
Samsung Galaxy Win Pro wilcoxds
Galaxy Win Pro wilcoxctc
Galaxy Win Pro wilcox3g
Galaxy Win2 coreprimeltedtv
Samsung Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690R
Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690M
Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690L
Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690
Galaxy Xcover2 skomer
Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5368
Galaxy Y GT-S5360T
Galaxy Y GT-S5369
Galaxy Y SCH-i509
Galaxy Y SCH-I509
Galaxy Y GT-S5363
Galaxy Y GT-S5360B
Galaxy Y GT-S5360
Galaxy Y GT-S5360L
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102B
Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102
Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102E
Galaxy Y Plus coriplusds
Galaxy Y Pop GT-S6108
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510B
Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510L
Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510
Galaxy Y Pro Duos GT-B5512B
Galaxy Y Pro Duos GT-B5512
Galaxy Y TV GT-S5367
Samsung Galaxy Young roydtv
Galaxy Young royssdtv
Galaxy Young roy
Galaxy Young royssnfc
Galaxy Young royss
Samsung Galaxy Young2 young2nfc3g
Galaxy Young2 young23g
Galaxy Young2 young23gdtv
Galaxy Young2 young2ds2g
Garda gardalteMetroPCS
Samsung Gear Live sprat
Gem SCH-I100
GT-B9388 ironcmcc
GT-I5510M GT-I5510M
GT-I5510T GT-I5510T
GT-I5800L GT-I5800L
GT-I8262D aruba3gchn
GT-I9260 superiorchn
GT-N7000B GT-N7000B
GT-P3108 espressorfcmcc
GT-P7300B GT-P7300B
GT-P7320T GT-P7320T
GT-P7500M GT-P7500M
GT-P7500R GT-P7500R
GT-P7500V GT-P7500V
GT-S5698 GT-S5698
GT-S5820 GT-S5820
GT-S5830V GT-S5830V
Hennessy hennessy3gduosctc
Homesync spcwifi
IceTouch gokey
Illusion SCH-I110
Infuse SGH-I997
Infuse SGH-I997R
Moment sph-m900
Moment SPH-M900
Montblanc montblanc3gctc
Olleh ik1
Replenish SPH-M580
Replenish SPH-M580BST
Repp SCH-R680
Roy VE DTV royvedtv
Roy VE DTV royssvedtv
Rugby Smart SGH-I847
Samsung Galaxy S4 jflteMetroPCS
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectltektt
Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere2 aegis2vzw
Samsung Samsung Garda gardaltetmo
Samsung Homesync spcwifiany
SC-01F SC-01F
SC-01G SC-01G
SC-02G SC-02G
SC-04F SC-04F
SCH-I339 SCH-I339
SCH-I425 godivaltevzw
SCH-I519 SCH-I519
SCH-I559 SCH-I559
SCH-I659 SCH-I659
SCH-I699 SCH-I699
SCH-I779 SCH-I779
SCH-i809 SCH-i809
SCH-i919 SCH-i919
SCH-W2013 m0grandectc
SCH-W899 SCH-W899
SCH-W999 SCH-W999
SGH-I987 SGH-I987
SGH-S730G amazingtrf
SHW-M480S p4noterfskt
Sidekick SGH-T839
SM-N9007 htdlte
SM-P607T lt03ltetmo
SM-T255S q7lteskt
SPH-L500 stunnerltespr
Transfix SCH-R730
Transform SPH-M920
Samsung Transform Ultra SPH-M930
Transform Ultra SPH-M930BST
Samsung VinsQ SPH-M910

We will be adding the codenames of more Samsung Galaxy devices very soon. Stay tuned! If you don’t find your device listed above, please let us know.

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