We’ve reviewed the Cleaner app and its awesome performance quite a long time ago and we were really impressed by the design, performance, and simplicity of the app. The Cleaner app is a light-weight system cleaner app that will keep your device clean from all the junk files. As we’ve already mentioned in our previous review, this app is one of the best system cleaning app you’ll find in the Play Store. The latest update to the app brings more functionality by introducing an inbuilt app manager and a conversation cleaner. So we’ve decided to review the app once again with the new features.

As you can guess, the application manager is used to manage the installed apps on your device but that’s not all. The app manager on the Cleaner app begs to differ with a lot of options to let you choose which apps to uninstall on your device. The app manager lets you sort the installed apps on your device based on the installed date, storage usage, permissions used and of course alphabetically. Most of the app managers are limited to just batch operation, but here it is accompanied by many filters which let you select the apps by their storage utilization and permission set.


The other addition to the app is the Conversation cleaner which we found something fresh in an app. The actual concept is to clean the conversations on our device like text messages and call records thus allow you clean the unimportant conversations on your device which eases your pain to open different apps to delete the records. So now you can say Sayanora to the service calls and the message from a single app which is very useful if you’re subscribed to a nuisance carrier who calls you often and sends loads of service messages which spams our inbox.

the-cleaner-conversation manager

Apart from the new features, the design of the app is a little revamped which gives a smooth and clean look. The elegant animations on the app will really impress the least happy person with an Android phone. We recommend our viewers to try this app from the play store link given below and keep your device clean from all the junk.

Download The Cleaner from the Play Store

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