Chrome Chrome for Android has been out of the scene since a while, as It didn’t receive any more updates as of late 2012 and hence began the era of Chrome Beta for Android. During this year, a lot has taken place with Chrome Beta updates, you might want to have a look at Experimental Features Introduced In Chrome Beta & a hidden feature that was discovered for the same. But now, it seems as if the Experimental features from Chrome Beta have been stabilized and are being pushed to the Chrome for Android App. So, no more just bug fixes but this time Chrome has received a few but some major upgrades in terms of features and stability. Now lets grab hold a detail of the new introductions in both the Apps; Chrome for Android & Chrome Beta for Android, respectively. Note: Both Chrome and Chrome Beta require Android 4.0 or up.

What’s new in Chrome for Android?

The new update for Chrome is dated 27, Feb 2013 and labelled version 25.0.1364.123

  1. Improved Scrolling Performance (In pages as well as in Chrome Settings)
  2. Improvisations in Pinch-To-Zoom responsiveness
  3. Faster Interactive Pages (V8 Javascript Engine)
  4. Audio plays while Chrome is running in background
  5. Audio playing pauses when Phone is in use.
  6. Expanded support for HTML5 features
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What’s new in Chrome Beta for Android?

The new update for Chrome is dated 26, Feb 2013 and labelled version 25.0.1364.122 As per the Google Play Store page, this new version of Chrome Beta has acquired a bunch of Stability and Performance fixes. But, as per the Google Chrome Blog, there are three specific fixes viz:

  1. Regression in Google Maps Pinching
  2. Long pressing on a word then tapping on space bar repeats the same word
  3. Text deletion issue after using ‘Select all’ action
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One can simply observe the current release and conclude that the Chrome for Android App has been given a soft push, while fixes are now being applied to the Chrome Beta. Why wait? Update now! Hit the download box or scan the QR code. Once Installed, please take out some time to give a little feedback if you have experienced something really

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