Man, I love my job. I was playing an awesome retro 2D platformer all afternoon and now I’ll get paid for that.

Platform games have always attracted me. Throw in the retro feel & 2D architecture and it suddenly becomes nostalgic. I go back to my childhood days when the most important task of my life was to help Mario rescue the princess.

While the Google play store is filled with awesome games, it is very rare to find a platformer so good that I can spend my whole afternoon playing it. Burn it down is one such game.


Now, I’m no expert in relationships but I know that relationships are hard; you have to take care of your partner and you have to find them when they are lost even though doing so gets difficult. Nothing explains it more perfectly than Burn it down.

In Burn it down, you are a man who is searching for his love in a mansion (I guess). Now, this is no ordinary mansion. It’s the most dangerous mansion ever built. It has a spooky feeling to it along with super dangerous spikes, moving blocks on chains, and a super creepy lady ghost (you get the gist, it’s dangerous). All this for what? The mistress. Yep, love is difficult.


Anyway, you control the man who knows it’s not good to go out without getting dressed properly. Once you are dressed, the adventure begins.

The game follows a monochromatic theme (like Limbo) and gives you an hour to complete the game. There are 50 levels in total. Each level is filled with all the dangers you can find in a creepy mansion. You go forward to the unknown. Every level has a door in the end that leads you to the next level. In the name of controls, you can only move left or right. Tap and hold the left part of the screen to go left and hold the right part to go right. If you manage to get enough momentum it will jump over the obstacles or bounce off the walls. Everything is automated actually, you just have to go left or right.
All levels are really short and hardly take 10 seconds to complete; if you figure out how to reach the end. Every once in awhile, it will throw in some new obstacle which may seem difficult at first but just takes a bit of observation to overcome it.


But the game isn’t simple as it sounds. It’s all about strategic starting and stopping. You find it simple? I’ve already died 187 times and I’m only on level 28. Yes. Still seems easy?

Now, the music. It’s as much eerie and creepy as it can be. And that’s what this game needs. The music takes this game to a whole other level. So, don’t forget to put on headphone while playing.

All right, that burns it down. It’s one of the few horror games on Android that I actually like. Do check it out.

Do you know of some other awesome horror games? Let us know in the comments below.

Burn It Down Price: Free

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