Here is the Boom-2 theme for Android phones running MIUI V4/JB ROMs. The theme, in fact, is not a complete one. The only commendable part is the lockscreen that is simply awesome. Just as you tap on the time panel, you will be able to see three shortcuts appear. To go to the desired app just swipe the fingers from the center of the time widget to the corresponding icon. However, when I tried to open the music app, the shortcut did not work at all. To unlock the device you need to swipe your finger down.

The theme features a huge icon pack, most of them are from the iPhone theme for MIUI. The dialer to has nothing special and rest of the GUI depends on MIUI default theme. I have optimized the theme a little to run on 720p devices and translated to English where necessary. Download it if you like.

Download Link



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