Google Pixel is the latest device to come from the Android developer. The handset manufactured in-house is often times the subject of discussion when exploring recent tech related conversations. However, many people might feel like the device wouldn’t be a fit for them even though they really want to get one. In this article we will be looking at some of the best features that come with Pixel, that might also help users make up their minds about buying one. Let’s see what Google Pixel has to offer, and you can judge by yourself if it’s something you would be interested in.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI for short, is a form of technology that revolves around making machinery gain a sense of consciousness. While we’re not talking about a fully sentient machine (not yet, anyway) like you might see in a Sci-Fi movie, there are several companies that have been researching and developing an initial form of AI. Such a company is Google, and Google Pixel is one of the devices that come with AI.

Google Assistant, which can be compared to similar services such as Siri on Apple products or Cortana for Microsoft’s lines, is one of the prime features of Google Pixel. Assistant lets you interact with the phone’s AI and get valuable information while also fueling it and making it grow as it learns more. If you’ve ever encountered Siri, you know what Google Assistant is all about. Unlike Siri however, Google’s latest technology is attempting to ensure that the AI grows as you go on.

Free cloud service

We all know about the difficulties of using cloud services. In theory it’s great but the struggle begins when you have a limited amount of space at your disposal. That won’ be the issue if you buy a Pixel device, because they come with an unlimited storage perk for photographs. This means that you can take as many pictures as you want, without worrying about cloud capacity. Every time you plug the phone to charge, it will back up to cloud, including your latest pictures.

First in line

This is one of the most important features for a smartphone as the software and hardware elements go hand in hand. When a new OS firmware is released, every user and manufacturer goes nuts over trying to obtain it. Google Pixel and Pixel XL might have different names, but they retain the Nexus line characteristic of getting the latest update first. Either we’re talking about the upcoming Nougat build or the next Android version altogether, Pixel will have it first and that’s a major perk.

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