Have you always been keen to flash when an update for your CyanogenMod ROM comes out? Be it a new stable release or a nightly? Always keen to get the drift of having the latest version of your favorite ROM  But tired of downloading around 200 MB every time? Then you are stepped in at the right place!

Okay, so what do we have here: An awesome app called CyanDelta Updater, brought to us by Mattia Baldani (XDA member: Dropple)! The app was introduced in Play Store a couple of days ago, is designed and programmed to solve the trouble of downloading ~200MB of your ROM downloads each time you update. The app achieves this by downloading ‘delta’ files which, like the name suggests, represents only the changed files since the last version of your present CyanogenMod ROM.

How does CyanDelta Updater actually works:

It first checks which version of CyanogenMod you are using and on what device. Then it has to be provided with the presently flashed zip of your ROM. It analyzes the ROM and the version and fetches the changes that have been introduced in the latest versions and shows you a list of available updates which are available on get.cm. Once you tap on an update, it downloads the delta files which are supposed to be the only files which are changed/replaced since the last update. Now the magic of CyanDelta Updater is that the delta files are way too smaller in size than the actual ROM, say around 15~20 MBs only! (The developer says it uses some ‘RFC3284 VCDIFF’ algorithm, to achieve this)

After it gets the delta, it works some magic and mixes the delta with your current provided ROM’s zip and voila! Creates a new flashable zip which is around the same size as it’s supposed to be.

With CyanDelta, you can now update your ROM in barely a few minutes, even on a slow 2G or a 3G connection. CyanDelta Updater can be a great replacement for ‘CM Updater’, ‘ROM Manager’, or ‘BBQLog’. It will even notify you if an update is available and will show you the changelog of your respective nightly or stable release.

Some main features:

  • Security: The developer says, ‘all downloaded data is digitally signed by us to prevent manumissions’.
  • Installing zip: This app can automatically boot to recovery and install the ROM zip or additional zips as well (kernel, modem, etc), also it can wipe dalvik cache and reboot.
  • Update Notification
  • Very High-efficiency deltas: Uses RFC3284 VCDIFF algorithm and some sort of magic to produce very small deltas
  • It supports CWM and TWRP-based recoveries (if you have an unsupported recovery, you can still install the generated zips by CyanDelta easily).
  • It supports all CyanogenMod ROMs and devices listed on get.cm

How to download and use CyanDelta Updater:

  • Download and install CyanDelta Updater, available for free on Google Play.
  • You will need the zip of your present CyanogenMod ROM on your device, if you don’t have it, get it from get.cm.
  • Open CyanDelta Updater and tap on ‘No Zip Selected’ and browse to the ROM zip file.


  • Wait while the verifying and importing happens.



  • After that, it will search for the update. If an update is found, it will notify you.
  • Tap on ‘Available Updates’ and let it download the delta file



  • Now finally tap on ‘Install Zip’, your device will automatically reboot to recovery mode, flash the delta and will reboot back automatically.


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