About AOSP Extended ROM

AOSP Extended is a custom ROM for Android that makes your desire to own a Pixel device a reality… Well, sort of. The ROM is available for a number of OnePlus, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, Google Nexus, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Asus devices. It is based on Lineage OS and Android 7.1.1 Nougat and comes packed with plenty of customization right off the bat.

First off, the ROM comes pre-rooted so it saves you a flash of SuperSU. Along with coming with root, it also packs full Substratum Theme capabilities to further your ability to customize your device. You’ll be greeted with the Pixel Launcher once the ROM starts for the first time, however, if you’re like me and can never leave Nova Launcher Prime, you can easily switch it for any launcher by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

It also packs extra settings in the Settings menu which allows you to customize everything from your status bar, battery settings, lock screen and much more. Right after that in the settings comes privacy guard, which allows you to block third-party apps from spying on you should you desire.

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Battery Life

One of the most important things of every phone is its battery life. It does you no good if it dies on you in the middle of the day. You’ll be glad to hear that this ROM takes care of that. Coming from stock Oxygen OS, I was experiencing a mere 3 hours of screen on time, which isn’t too good. With AOSP Extended, I get on average 5-6 hours of screen on time, with brightness about 50%. That’s a huge improvement! And with root installed, you can also install apps such as Greenify and L-Speed to further improve your battery life. It also supports Dash Charging, which is very handy if you’re one to always be on the go and need a quick charge during the day.

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With no lag with animations or day to day actions, it’s safe to say that the performance of this ROM is outstanding. The transitions and animations are buttery smooth and make using this ROM an absolute pleasure. There are also no random reboots or crashes which can occur on certain unstable or newer ROMs. The pure power that’s packed within the OnePlus 3/3t also helps with the smooth performance.


The camera equipped with this ROM is not bad as it is based off of Lineage OS and is unfortunately not as good as stock Oxygen OS. However, it is no slouch and still takes admirable photos. You have options to take photo and video in 4K UHD or standard 1080p and 720p. The auto-focus is surprisingly snappy and quick which is always good. It also takes pictures rather quickly, so you can be sure to catch the perfect moment whilst taking a picture. Here are some pictures I took using this ROM:


Though it obviously doesn’t truly make your device a Pixel, it sure comes close. With endless customization, buttery smooth performance, great battery life and decent camera capabilities, you really cannot go wrong with this ROM. It packs a lot of features and truly is one of the best ROMs out there for the OnePlus 3/3t.

Download from AOSP Extended Download Center

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