Modern smartphones come laced with a variety of sensors that are responsible for various features. While some sensors are found only in high-end devices, there are some that are found in most smartphones. The proximity sensor is one of them. It senses the nearness to an object to perform a task. If your phone’s screen turns off when you take to the ear while receiving a call, be sure that it has proximity sensor.

During the past few days we have reviewed apps like Cover Algorithm and Hovering Controls that utilize the proximity sensor to lock/unlock and launch apps on your Android phone respectively. Today, we are here with another nice apps called Air Call-Accept that takes advantage of the proximity sensor and allows you to receive incoming calls very conveniently.

This feature was first introduced to Android in the Galaxy S3 and was branded by Samsung as Direct Call. It allowed calling and receiving calls just by placing the phone to the ear. With the launch of the Galaxy S4, the feature was further enhanced as now you can also receive calls on it just by swiping hand over the infrared sensor.

The same feature has now arrived to other Android devices. Thanks to Air Call-Accept that allows you to enjoy the same luxury on your Android device. This magical app has been developed by Williams.Joe from XDA and is now available at the Play Store. With Air Call-Accept app installed on your Android phone with a proximity sensor, you can accept calls simply by waving your hand over the sensor or taking your phone to ear. Thus, in the first way, you do not even need to touch the device at all.

The app comes in basic and paid versions and to enjoy certain features, you’ll have to buy the paid version. While the free version lets you just receive a call, the pro version adds features like:

  • Turning the speakers on after accepting the call
  • Reject an incoming call
  • Send a predefined text message for the rejected call

Air Call-Accept has the simplest user interface an app can have. All you need to is to enable the app and forget about it.

Sorry, this app is not available!

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