Last Friday, our beloved MIUI ICS ROM was updated to version 2.8.10. Among other good things that it brought, there was a support for animated clock and weather widgets on the homescreen. So now you can have animated widget on your MIUI V4 device.

Here are a few early examples of the kind of widgets that you will see in the future. Below you will find a small collection of such animated widgets as shown in the screenshot above and below.


 Most of the widgets have been made by M Green from MIUI Development Group. You can download all the displayed widgets from our links below.

How to Use/Apply:

To install the widgets on your Android device with MIUI V4, just copy the download mtz to the MIUI/Theme folder, and then apply from Edit Widgets option or clock change option on MIUI Theme Manager.


Animated Clock Eiffel 2×2.mtz

Animated Clock SF 2×4.mtz

Animated Clock Stamp 2×2.mtz

Animated Clock Weather1 2×2.mtz

Animated Clock Weather 2×2.mtz

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