Droiders!! This calls for a celebration. As the updates on the Technical Preview role out again, this shows that the final release of Android M is near. The successive preview of the Android M was rolled out earlier today and is rapidly making waves in the Android world. If you were among the installers of the Android M Preview released in May, you’ll recall the bugs you encountered (and probably reported). These have been fixed (more or less), enhancements and another preview is out for the Nexus devices.

If you are a developer or a fan, you must definitely update as soon as possible. The instructions for both Preview SDK and device installation are available on the Android website (link below).

What’s included:

This phase of rollout includes a set of modules for both the developers and Android fans alike:

  • SDK platform and system images
  • Updated documentation
  • Translations of the documentation
  • Android M code samples

Key changes:

  • Permission changes: Pertaining to fingerprint, external storage, WiFi/Bluetooth address, Contacts, bookmarks, subscribed feeds, apps included do not have permissions preloaded.
  • Introduces the utility method which lets your apps see whether users have previously rejected a permission request.
  • Content & structure classes moved into a new package.
  • Bluetooth stylus APIs updated; and include new callback events.

A complete list of changes (techy) is also available here

Known issues:

Since this is still a preview, bugs existed. This is what you might find (more or less)

  • System Messenger app crashes on the 64-bit emulator
  • Contacts sync experiences intermittent issues.
  • Sharing is not possible on the YouTube app.
  • Android for Work Profile is not working properly
  • Issues with the Bluetooth share, remote control, movies & YouTube app on the Nexus player.

A complete list of issues is available here.

Get Developer Preview 2:

You can download the Developer Preview 2 platform and emulator images from the SDK Manager.

Developer Preview 2 system images for supported Nexus are available for download through over-the-air update (OTA for devices running the Developer Preview 1).


Date: July 2015

Builds: MPZ79M (Nexus 5, 6, 9), MPZ79N (Nexus Player)

Hardware support: Nexus 5, 6, 9, Player

Emulator support x86 & ARM 32/64-bit

Google Play services: 7.6


Android M Preview 2


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