Modern life has become very complicated as the world we live in has become smaller. Man has to remember a plethora of complex facts and figures that demand a super-brain to be stored nicely. Since it is not possible for average human beings to have giant minds, we heavily depend on gadgets like computers and smartphones to help us keeps things in order safely and make them available whenever we need them. The portable nature of smartphones and tablet devices make them even more important because they accompany us wherever we go.

While these pocket computers make things really convenient because we can access our personal and sensitive data anytime, their portability increases the possibility of their being lost, misplaced or even stolen. Our phones have really become one of the most valuable things not only due to the fat money invested in them, but also because of the invaluable and extremely private data stored on them.

Just suppose for a moment that your Android device has been lost or stolen, what would be your priority? Of course, most of us would like to locate it first and get it back to our possession. In case, this wish is not granted and we are unable to track the device and get it back, what would be our secondary wish? We would just wish that our personal and sensitive data is not subjected to unauthorized use.

This make it easy to conclude what features any ideal security-suite for smartphones must have. Thus, an ideal security app is one that helps you when your phone is stolen or lost, to either helps find it and/or destroy the data on it. The Google Play store is stuffed with third-party apps that can track your lost phone, send you alert on SIM change, ring the device and wipe the data present on it remotely. Most of such apps pretend to be free, giving you access to a limited number of phone recovering or data wiping options. To get a fully functional version of an anti-theft device, you might have to spend money.


There is a really great new for Android users who are concerned about the security of their device as Google is going to introduce an all new app/service for all Android devices running Android 2.2 or above. The new feature is called Android Device Manager and, according to the official Android blog, it will be made available to all devices as an app later this month.

With the help of Android Device Manager, you will be able to locate your lost or stolen device and ring it in full volume (even in silent mode) if it is misplaced and you are unable to find it. The service will allow you track your phone on Google Maps in real time. In case you are not able to recover your lost device, ADM will also help you save its data from being misused by an unauthorized person by remotely quickly and easily erasing your device data. To be able to take advantage of this service, you must be signed in into your Google account.


Though the service has not been launched yet, you can still get its scent if you have installed the latest version of Google Play Services app on your device. You can see the presence of Android Device Manager service under Device Administrators option in device Settings> Security.

You can download the latest Google Play Services app from below:


Mirror Link

Google Play services Price: Free

If you receive the new update featuring this new service and give it a try, feel free to share with us how it works for you. As for me, I’ll be back shortly with another article when it actually strikes! Cheers!


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