It’s been a while since Google made Android 7.1 Nougat available, and now it seems that the next installment in the operating system’s Nougat chapter is close. Android patch 7.1.2 is the newest build that Google is currently working on.

Google confirmed that patch 7.1.2 won’t be holding anything of great importance, and users shouldn’t expect any fancy new features to be made available in this build. Rather than a flashy release, Google is using Android 7.1.2 to smoothen out the edges of previous builds. That being said, “maintenance” is the keyword here.

Currently, the build is available for Google phones, so if you got one, Google is letting you try out Android 7.1.2. The handsets that are currently eligible for the update are Google’s Nexus 5X, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C and Nexus Player. You might have noticed an important name missing from the list. For reasons unknown, Nexus 6P didn’t make the original cut, but is expected to receive support for 7.1.2 beta pretty soon.

There are several known problems with the devices mentioned above. Google seems to have a shortlist of issues it wants to tackle in the first installment of 7.1.2. Let’s take a look at what users can expect to get fixed in the new patch, as well as the near future when subsequent builds are released.

  • Pixel C units sometimes are unable of displaying Quick Settings correctly;
  • The WiFi feature has several problems that reoccur;
  • Some units showcase an issue where the screen goes black between the boot and setup screen;
  • The Device-to Device feature in several cases fails to transfer SMS texts.

In order to participate in this first testing phase, you just need to own one of the eligible devices aforementioned, as well as be enlisted in Google’s Beta Program for Android. This will give you access to the 7.1.2 update and you will be able to check out in advance what Google is working to bring to their mobile operating system.

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen an update drop from Google, more specifically the month of December when Android 7.1.1 was launched.

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