So you envy wireless charging? Given that some of the Lumia models have this feature and yet you wonder why your brand new flagship device has to see a wire to get charged up? If yes, then some among you will be really pleased to know that your device can be upgraded to wireless charging.

Behold the users of Samsung, S3 and S4, also Note 2 and Note 3, a company called Luxa2 is working hard to innovate and bring this cool futuristic feature to your very device. Luxa2 is a division of Thermaltake. A company obsessed with manufacturing cooling equipment for high end PC towers. Luxa2 under Thermaltake has already manufactured a new range of portable wireless charging power banks. TX-P2 is one among many devices that can work at 10,000mAh, with metallic brick look supporting both wired and wireless charging.

A spokesperson from Luxa2, has demonstrated some of the Luxa2’s newest wireless charging covers. These covers will cost you as little as $10.00 and all you need to do is just stick one of these covers among the four devices mentioned, and you will be good to go. These are currently available on

When buying the wireless cover, one must be careful about the version for it to work on your phone, as these devices feature different amperage on the battery they are designed with.  Thankfully there is no soldering or electro-mechanical tools required for this upgrade. It is safe to do with a little caution at your home. It requires you to stick that cover at a specific point on the battery, which needs a easy to moderate effort.

The reason this seems to work resides in the design of these devices’ batteries, as the company – Samsung has already built-in, the capabilities but did not ship the covers which were intended to go for sale separately.

The only downside of opting these upgrades is that except Note 2, none of the other devices’ NFC will work. The wireless cover seems to block the NFC circuit in S3, S4 and Note 3.

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