There used to be a time when the default OEM made app launcher on Android smartphones pretty much sucked. Even more so when compared to the third-party alternatives. And that time is not hard to imagine actually because they still pretty much suck when compared to what’s out there on the Play Store. But in their own right, the stock OEM made app launchers have come a long way and some of them are actually good enough. My own personal favorites would be Samsung’s launcher, Sony’s Xperia Home launcher and the ZenUI Launcher from Asus. Not to mention these launchers manage to look and feel unique, despite lacking in features. It is, therefore, understandable if you’d prefer to use something like the Xperia Home if you have a Sony phone. And Serajr Xperia Home X is a Xposed module that’ll help you do that without sacrificing on the features.

Serajr Xperia Home X has been around ever since I’ve had a Sony phone albeit under a different name. It used to be Serajr Xperia Xposed as far as I can remember. serajr being the name of the developer of this amazing module that I’ve been fond of. It did offer quite a lot of features back in the days of Android Jellybean. Over the years the module has had to go many changes of course and that included being rebuilt from the scratch even.

Earlier there used to be a different version for each version of Android, not the best way to go obviously. Serajr Xperia Xposed X is compatible with all versions of Android above and including Android 5.0 Lollipop to Android 7.1.2 Nougat. It has grown once again to include more features than you can remember at once. Furthermore, all the features it brings now are actually available in the Xperia Home settings instead of the module which is once again an improvement compared to the previous versions.


You’ll, of course, need a rooted device to install Xposed Framework which you’ll need to make use of this Xposed module. To flash Xposed Framework you will also need a custom recovery but not to install the module. The version of Xposed Framework doesn’t matter for this module to work, but you should make sure you have the Xperia Home installed on your device. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Sony device. You can install Xperia Home as well as other Sony apps on any Android device.

  1. Rooted Android device.
  2. Latest Xperia Home (currently 11.2.A.0.3) must be installed prior to installing the module.
  3.  Android 5.0+ (API Level 21+) (Up to Android Nougat)
  4. Xposed Framework



As I said, it adds many, many features to your Xperia Home. Fortunately, the developer lists all of them and keeps it updated.


  • Physical Buttons Device (Expand Xperia Home contents for non-OSB devices)


  • Icon Size (Shortcuts icon size)
  • Label Size (Shortcuts label size)
  • Show Labels (Desktop | App Drawer | Folder)
  • Pagination Markers Style (Up to 3)


  • Permanently Hidden Apps (Get rid of unwanted apps anywhere on launcher)
  • Rename Apps (Rename apps display name)
  • 3rd Party Notification Badges (Display notification badge on the icon of any 3rd party app)


  • Permanently Hidden Widgets (Get rid of unwanted widgets anywhere on launcher)
  • Gesture Blocking Widgets (Select widgets will be excluded from desktop gesture recognition)
  • Make All Widgets Resizeable


  • Grid Number of Rows (Up to 15)
  • Grid Number of Columns (Up to 15)
  • Scrolling Mode (Default | Infinite Loop | Revert Position)
  • Lock Desktop (Prevent adding, removing and rearranging shortcuts and widgets)
  • Swipe-Up Gesture (Turn Off Screen | Power Menu | Notifications | Quick Settings)
  • Swipe-Down Gesture (App Drawer | Turn Off Screen | Power Menu | Notifications | Quick Settings)
  • Double-Tap Gesture (App Drawer | Turn Off Screen | Power Menu | Notifications | Quick Settings)
  • Static Wallpaper (Keep wallpaper centered on all home screen panes)
  • Multi-Line Labels (Allow line breaks in app shortcut labels)

App Drawer:

  • Grid Number of Rows (Up to 15)
  • Grid Number of Columns (Up to 15)
  • Hide Apps in Drawer (Fastest and easy way to hide your unwanted apps)
  • Scrolling Mode (Default | Infinite Loop | Revert Position)
  • Disable Search Bar (Fully disable search bar – including action icons)
  • Swipe-Up Gesture (App Drawer | Turn Off Screen | Power Menu)
  • Swipe-Down Gesture (App Drawer | Turn Off Screen | Power Menu)
  • Always Show Indicators (Always show page indicators)
  • Close After Starting App (Automatically closes the App Drawer)


  • Number of Shortcuts (Default | 6 | 8 | 10)
  • App Drawer Button Style (Up to 5)
  • Dynamic Ordering (Dynamic shortcuts ordering)


  • Close After Starting App (Automatically closes the folder)
  • Folder Style (Up to 11) – Empty Folder Icon: Style 11


How to install

If you’re familiar with Xposed modules installing Serajr Xperia Home X isn’t very different.

  1. Download the APK from the link above and install it. Alternatively, you can just launch the Xposed Installer and search for the module by name in the Downloads section.
  2. Head to the Modules section in Xposed Installer and activate the module.
  3. Reboot your device.
Home X (N) Donation Package Price: $4.99

If you like it you can buy the donation package from the Play Store which unlocks a few more features.

Source: Xposed repository


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