Have you just got your hands on the latest Nexus smartphone? Yes, I am talking of the ultimate Google flagship manufactured by LG, the Nexus 4. Nexus 4 was released on 13 November 2012, bringing in the release of Jelly Bean 4.2.1 which was later updated to the current 4.2.2 version. The beast is solely packed with a 1.5 GHz Quad-core krait processor, 2 GB ram, 16/8GB internal storage with many other outstanding configurations.

Looking at such amazing features and configurations, I decided to commit myself to this device and so I bought it soon enough. The time I opened the box, my eyes were actually glamoured by its looks, especially its rear, which is just amazing. But hey! It is too sensitive, so its my turn to protect it without compensating with its unique look and preserving to show it off. Cases like TPU etc. were already striked off, because they will instead hide what’s so beautiful, and then I pointed my fingers towards a bumper case, which shall not only provide maximum protection but also gives it a much attractive approach. Google bumper? Nah! I went for something that distinguishes from all other bumpers available.

FlexiFrame Bumper case for the LG/Google Nexus 4 is a unique bumper case in its class, designed precisely, keeping the two most important aspects in mind; protection and style. Below, you have both these crucial terms experienced and discussed.


The case is made of extremely durable and flexible material, you can hold it and twist it to any extent and still it stands out high with no glitches. Once you wear it on your Nexus 4, I bet you need not worry anymore about its protection. FlexiFrame bumper case, seals your devices at the sides, making it invulnerable to any damage, even if the it falls.

The case brings it up so tightly that the chances that the device spills into pieces after a fall are almost zero. Here is quite an example of my own, a few days earlier I accidentally dropped my Nexus while getting off my car in a hurry, but this amazingly rigid bumper case holded up with a tight grip, the best part being that it didn’t get a single scratch or rug anywhere. How? Well, the case is indeed designed to perfection, the bumper sides are out-lifted both on the front and the back, so even if it falls, the bumper will never let your device get in contact with the ground, which is undoubtedly the best part to the protection.

I’m still not a guy who has a phone dropping business, but I’m now cent percent confident that if something like this happens again, FlexiFrame would take good care assuring better protection than most other cases present out there.

Design and Style

Built and perfected to give your Nexus a far better look, FlexiFrame bumper makes sure to provide maximum barrier without compromising at all with the device’s natural beauty. The design is kept simple, yet elegant with black border lines and almost transparent sides. Edging and cut-outs are available wherever necessary including headphone jack, top mic, USB slot and bottom mic, which in turn gives it a sense of grace. A little thing that I would like to throw a bit of light are the button-tops, well built but needs a little harder press as compared to my old Ringke Fusion case. I’m sure it will take a short period to adapt to this marvelous piece.

How to Install

Hold the case and your Nexus 4 in respective hands, now slide in one side (top/bottom) and slightly clip the other side while pressing it gently down. It is advised to do this over a soft surface, because bumper cases do not have any rears, so there are chances for the device to slip away.

Where to buy?

FlexiFrame bumper case for the LG/Google Nexus 4 is available in total 4 variants and you can buy them from MobileFun.

Besides, MobileFun website, it is also available on certain other online shopping stores including Ebay. So don’t wait, just choose one from above or all (I would have, if had that amount in my hands to spend) and order it right away for just $15.49.


This is an unbiased review of an amazing Nexus 4 accessory, and if you seek my personal opinion, I would simply rate it to be 4.7 out of 5 for such an outstanding performance, durability and looks.


  1. I’d still go for (and suggest) a full body armor. Our phones are highly breakable. I’m waiting for my Amzer dual layer full armor case for now, and been going naked(the phone) from a long time. i dropped it once on a marble floor very hard, it bounced off the floor, then off the wall, then slammed face down on the floor. it was like like literally thrown. but it survived, naked. a tiny dent on the upper right corner of the thin metallic rim, nothing more. oh and i had the GuardShieldz screen guard on ! 😀

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