We love our phones and try our best to protect it from accidental drops, rubs and scratches so that it always looks brand new. And if you own a costly smartphone like the HTC One that is a well-designed piece of beauty, you would surely feel compelled to ensure its safety.

However, when it comes to keeping device in a case, there are two schools of thought. Some people are of the view that having bought a beautiful phone, it is not wise to ruin its looks and thinness with a thick case that hides phone’s beauty. Personally, I would be glad to join this camp, but then there are some other considerations too! As we mentioned, there is another sect of people who make a logical point in favor of casing our phones. A good smartphone comes at a hefty price and without a cover it is vulnerable too. Therefore it is wise to keep it inside a robust case so that it does not get damaged if dropped.

Even while looking for a good case for our phone, there are two things that might be confusing to users— looks and safety. So what type of case is better, one that looks good or the one that provides better protection? I think the wisdom lies in choosing the midway because we cannot overlook any of them. The HTC One case that we are going to take a look at today is a sheer example of what an ideal phone case be like.

The Double Dip Hard Shell Case for the HTC One is an official protection solution from HTC. It offers an unmatched level of protection, does not make the device bulky and, with its HTC branding at the back, looks pretty nice too. It is made of high quality material with premium finish and  covers every surface (except the screen, of course) of  HTC One in a good-looking defensive shell. As expected from any smartphone case, the Double Dip Hard Shell has nicely finished cutouts for all necessary areas like the back and front camera, flashlight, proximity sensor, power button, USB port, etc. The case has volume rocker built in.

HTC Double Dip Hard Shell is made of three pieces that are joined together. The upper and lower parts are make of a little softer material to be more shock absorbent. The case is a great fit and feels good in hands. So, if you have an HTC One and are looking for a really good protective case for it, the Double Dip Hard Shell is a good thing to go with.

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