Ever wondered about a quicker way to find a application on seeing how cluttered your App drawer is. I’m sure there would have been multiple occasions when you quickly needed to perform a certain task on a certain app or wanted to call someone urgently, but finding the app/contact among the many apps/contacts you have on your phone slows you down. Appdialer is the app you should install right away, its does all the searching for you with fewer taps saving you from the hassle of doing it yourself.

AppDialer is a simple app that searches for applications you have installed on your mobile device, saving you a lot of time. It also searches for the contacts in your phone so you could search and place a urgent call in no time.


  • Intelligent: Search using  a predictive qwerty keyboard or a one handed smart T9 numpad.
  • Powerful: Search for apps by name or package name and contacts by name or number using T9 numpad.
  • Personal: Your usage history helps provide personalized results for you.
  • Predictive: Advanced predictive algorithm suggests applications even before you searching.
  • Widget: The pro version unlocks the home screen widget so you could start searching directly from your home screen saving.
  • Application actions and Contact actions are included in PRO version, lets you do more than just opening the app.

It is pretty easy to use and gets the accurate results quickly. For a app search just type few characters of the app name and it would be there for you to open in no time. For a contact search type the name or number both works very well. The app also shows a constant notification in your Notification drawer with the list of most used apps. So, frequently used apps are just a swipe away.

There are couple of themes to choose from, a light one and a dark one. AppDialer can also be launched by swiping up from the home button just like you swipe for Google Now. Ability to use T9 numpad or qwerty keyboard adds to this app’s versatility. So both kind of users could enjoy the joy searching their apps, the ones who find qwerty more convenient and the ones who are used to T9 numpad.


appdialer_1 appdialer_2 appdialer_3appdialer_4

I found Appdialer to be very useful in my day to day life , it eases my task of looking for a certain App/Contact. I no longer have to scroll App drawer pages back and forth or scroll through never ending contacts list. If you are the one with hundreds of Application or hundreds of contacts on your phone you should definitely try out this app. Do share your views in the comments section below.

AppDialer is free to use but certain features are unlocked in the PRO version only.

AppDialer T9 app/people search Price: Free

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