With phones getting bigger and thinner every day, it is becoming more and more hard to get decent battery life out of them. I honestly do not understand this new concept of making phones as thin as possible. It looks good, but at what cost? What good is a phone when you cannot actually use it? In case if you have been facing difficulties with managing your phone’s power consumption, here is a list of 5 best battery saver apps to make your Android’s battery last longer.

1. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery saver is one among the most popular and highly rated battery saver apps available on the Google Play Store. This is a free application and it offers system optimization in a single click. You can even create your own profiles to improve your battery life by up to 50%, according to the developers. While we would recommend you to take those numbers with a pinch of salt, using this app on daily basis in right way should help you improve your battery life.


  • Healthy charging for extended battery life.
  • One touch ‘Optimize’ button to find and resolve the problem in a click.
  • Ability to change CPU frequency for rooted phones.
  • Preset battery power management mode for more battery savings. Option to create your own customized mode.

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2. Greenify

Greenify has been around since the days of Android KitKat and has earned a name for itself. Initially, the app was only made available for root users. Many users even rooted their phones just to use Greenify. Even today, Greenify offers a much better functionality for rooted android phones than the non-rooted ones. Below are a few features of Greenify.


  • Save battery by automatically hibernating apps that are not in use. This is a very useful feature for the phones running older Android versions.
  • Exclude apps from the ‘hibernate’ list.
  • Xposed Module to achieve even better results in rooted Android phones.

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3. GSam Battery Monitor

The specialty of GSam Battery Monitor app is that it displays which apps are draining your phone’s battery in a clean, detailed manner.  One of its best features is called App Sucker, where it takes a reads all the apps that are draining your battery so you can identify which ones are causing the problem. You can then take necessary steps to stop the app from draining more battery.


  • Clearly, lets you know which apps are being hard on your battery.
  • Lets you take necessary actions to stop such apps.
  • View details such as wake locks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor usage.

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4. Servicely [Root Only]

Servicely is an interesting application which aims to reduce battery usage by keeping apps and services from running at the system level. The app is straight forward and simply – You go through the application and find the apps that likely cause tons of wake locks and battery drain (hint: Facebook *sigh*). What services does is that it effectively shuts down the services and prevent them from springing back to life, at a system level. The nice design is an added advantage.

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5. Amplify [Root Only]

Amplify is another root-only application that offers various controls to take control of your battery life. The app is designed completely following the Material Design guidelines and it’s very easy to use, even for the non-tech savvy. It’s free to download with a pro version that adds additional features. Below are some of its features:


  • Full control over wakelocks.
  • Ability to controls apps, alarms and other services that could possibly be draining your battery.

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Download the app from Google Play store by clicking below:

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Got any other interesting apps that help save battery? Let us know in the comments below!


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