Best Android Apps for Science Lovers

If you’ve always wondered about how things work or how things are made or what’s happening in the outer space, then this article is precisely for you. Not so surprisingly, Google Play Store is filled with apps that would feed the science geek in you. I do use quite a few app but honestly, I was quite amazed by the variety of apps available when i started exploring Play Store to write this article. From chemistry to space, information about pretty much everything is available in a well-organized manner and are totally free! Here’s a list of 5 best Android apps for science lovers.

Attenborough’s Story of Life:

Sir David Attenborough is a legendary Brit TV Show host/Documentary Producer. Ask any Brit about him, they would respond positively. He’s not just your average TV show host. He has written and presented countless documentaries regarding animal and plant life on the planet since the 1950s (which is way before than most of our reader were even born!).

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If you are a wildlife enthusiast and love to read about our mother nature and all her beauties and wonders, then do no miss this fantastic app. There is also a huge collection of high-quality documentaries for your viewing pleasure. Click below to read the reviews and download the app:

Attenborough's Story of Life Price: Free


TED is a non-profit media organization which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading.” A TEDx Talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes. Initially, TED was founded as a conference which was held annually. With the growth of digital age and evolution of the internet, TED has also evolved.

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You can find speeches about almost any topic by some of the best minds in the world. If you want to stay updated about any kind of upcoming and new ideas about any field (including science and technology), the this is the app you go to. Do remember, TED is considered one of the most reputed platforms to showcase your idea to the world. Click below to read the reviews and download the app from Google Play Store:

TED Price: Free

Isotope – Periodic Table:

If you are into chemistry and are curious about atomic elements, the look mo further, Isotope is the app for you. All the elements from the periodic table are neatly presented through a stunning design. In fact, design is a huge plus for this app. Look the screenshots below:

The app provides various information about the elements such as weight, configuration, atomic properties, thermodynamic properties, material properties and many more. Click below to read the user reviews and download the app from Google Play Store:

Periodic Table 2018. Chemistry in your pocket. Price: Free

Curiosity – Get Smarter Daily:

Curiosity is an app where you can read, watch, react to thousands of info-graphics, articles, videos about almost any topic. Upon installing the app, you will asked to choose from the many of the available interests and related content will be delivered to you everyday.

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I use curiosity every day and to be honest, this is one of the best apps I have on my phone right now. Once you start using the app, it is so hard not to because the content is very engaging and interesting. Get the app from Google Play Store by clicking below:

Curiosity Price: Free


I’m willing to bet that it is impossible to anyone who is reading this article to have not heard these words, NASA. Thanks to all the saving-the-universe movies from Hollywood, everyone knows what the NASA guys are all about.

From thousands of stunning images of space to NASA’s current missions, everything is available in this app. You can even live stream NASA TV (Yes, they do have a TV channel). When you sign up and log in to the app with a NASA account, you can bookmark and save your favorite images. There is also a five-star rating system for the pictures and videos based on which ‘top rated list’ is made, which is available for the users to see. There is an option which will notify you when an International Space Station passed through your area (if it is visible). Get it from Google Play Store by clicking below:

NASA Price: Free

So, what is your favorite science app that you use every day? Let us know in the comments below!

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