Perform a simple search in the Google play store and you will find uncountable themes for Substratum. It’s that famous. Loved by every rooted Android user, Substratum is the ultimate theming app for Android. The only caveat is that it requires a rooted device to work properly. But with the arrival of Android Oreo (8.0) that has changed too. If you are running Android Oreo, you can use Substratum themes without rooting your device. This has only increased the popularity of Substratum. And, with that, the demand for awesome themes have also increased. That’s why, I present to you, five awesome Substratum themes.

Before we proceed further, please read the following guides if you are a newly rooted user or if you have recently upgraded to Android Oreo.

Alright then, let’s begin.

LoNe 4SuBs

LoNe 4SuBs is a multi-theme for Substratum i.e. it has both light and dark variant within a single app.

LoNe 4SuBs works on OMS ROMs and Stock Oreo Rom. It has various accent color options and comes with boot animation, ringtone, notification sound, alarm sound, custom fonts, and wallpapers.

LoNe 4SuBs is updated frequently and supports various system elements and supports lots of apps.

[Substratum] LoNe 4SuBs Price: $1.49

Luminous Theme

Majority of Substratum themes in the Play Store are dark variants. There are only a handful of light themes and Luminous is one of the best light themes for Substratum.

Luminous supports 50+ apps and has 40+ accent color options. New ones are added with every update.

[Substratum] Luminous Theme Price: $1.49


Desire comes with both dark and light main themes and a bunch of accent colors. With apps like YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, etc. it themes more than 30 apps.

Although Desire theme supports Android Nougat and Android Oreo, it doesn’t work with third-party Stock ROMs.

[Substratum] Desire Price: $1.49

RubiQ Substratum Theme

RubiQ is my favorite Substratum theme right now. It’s a perfect combination of style and minimalism. With vibrant accent colors and supports for Android Oreo, RubiQ is a must have.

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RubiQ includes a lot of themed apps including some popular ones like Google plus, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. It also comes with fonts, wallpapers, and custom boot animation.

RubiQ Substratum Theme Price: $1.49


Belo is a white theme with some gradient and transparent elements.

The list of apps Belo supports is a bit small as compared to some other themes. The quality of work is exceptional though. As of now, it supports a little over twenty apps. The theme is updated frequently and new support for more apps could be added in the future.

Belo [substratum] Price: $1.99

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