Nowadays, lots of people are in need of extra income. Some, are looking for a second or better job, and some for effortless options to make money. Today we are going to show you 5 applications that can help you secure that extra, but needed income. Although these apps won’t make you a millionaire, they may help you earn extra cash without much trouble.


If you are a photography lover then this application is exactly what you were looking for. Upload your favorite shots to the market, rate others’ work to get exposure and wait until your own pictures get sold.

This application also features missions ( essentially competitions), which upon successful completion award you with money prizes. Note that your pictures don’t even have to look professional. A quick look of the “recently sold” section will convince you.


Foap - sell your photos Price: Free

2.Make Money

A simple application that offers tasks you can do with your smartphone, in order to earn credits. Those tasks include:

  • Downloading and opening applications,
  • Watching videos
  • Sharing stuff on social media.

As I mentioned above, completing these tasks will provide you with credits. You can later convert those credits to US dollars.


Make Money – Free Cash App Price: Free

3. Polycash

A similar application to the one mentioned above, Polycash offers the same functionality in a cleaner UI. This is also my app of choice. Except for the usual tasks, Polycash includes a daily question mode which upon completion awards you with 5 points.

14522439_10207436141329859_709333427_o 14536897_10207436140849847_1984303073_o

Notice that the offer walls of both apps are the same. Hence, it is possible that the simultaneous use of both apps may not be feasible or at least award you with points.

Note that methods of payment include:

  • PayPal deposit
  • BitCoin deposit
  • GooglePlay gift card
  • iTunes gift card


Sorry, this app is not available!

4.Uber Driver

You probably know this application. If you don’t it was about time to learn about it. Uber is quite popular around the world and for a pretty good reason too. After completing a (10 minute) registration process during which you have to take a picture of your license, you are good to go.


Plan your route and schedule and simply help a passenger go to his/her desired destination. After the ride is complete, you (the driver) gets 80% of the total cost of the trip. Note that both passengers and drivers are rated with a 5-star score system. If the driver gets below 4.2, he/she may get cut from the service.

14536936_10207436141009851_1068343825_o 14550500_10207436140689843_497785337_o

I would suggest trying Uber (even as a passenger) as it is a highly personalized and simple service which can give you the extra money you need.

Uber Driver Price: Free

5. Streetspotr

If you are spending plenty of time outside your house then you should try Streetsport for a chance to earn some extra money. They way this app works is simple. Complete tasks by simply going to different places nearby and doing whatever is described in the app.


The tasks will vary, depending on the region you currently are. However, take a look below in order to see a description of a task. It is also worth mentioning that this application offers plenty of spots (tasks) in European places but the developers are constantly trying to bring support to more regions.


Streetspotr Price: Free

Did you use any of our suggested applications? Do you have any other to add? Feel free to comment below.

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