As hinted in the previous part of the video teaser for the Galaxy S4, Samsung has released another installment on its YouTube channel. It begins with a little recap to the older story and moves a little further. But we might ask- “Does it really reveals anything more?” I guess it does. The first words that the little Jeremy Maxwell blurts out having unboxing the secret box are “it’s beautiful”, and later he uses the word “totally amazing” for the Galaxy S4.

Just a few hours back we posted a bunch of images of the so called Galaxy S4 Duos published on a Chinese forum. The device shown in those images was not either beautiful or amazing an any sense. So, could this mean that the images belong to some prototype and not the real S4? I think, yes!

Another hint about the look of the Galaxy S4 seems to hidden in the words of Jeremy when he says, “It’s my favorite color”. Now what could be the favorite color of a little child? Just notice the color of the biscuits in his hands and wait for a few hours! The countdown has begun!

Also watch the previous video below:

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