Google play store is full of games. There are more than a thousand games divided into various categories like arcade, action, strategy, board, etc. While some games are plain boring, some are really awesome, and some are so much addictive that players forget their important task.

Sometimes a game doesn’t need to have HD graphics, a huge story, and tons of controls to be an addictive game, sometimes a simple game could be more addictive. Heck, the games that I am addicted to are super simple to play, take Flappy bird for example.

In this article, I am going to talk about two such games that I have been playing for months and still continue to play them.

1010! Puzzle


1010 is a fresh and modern take on the classic game called Tetris. 1010 is a lot like Tetris in a lot of ways but still manages to be a bit different. Like Tetris, you have a board where you have to set the blocks. But unlike Tetris, it offers 3 blocks at once instead of one, and there is no time limit here to set the block. You can take as much time as you want to set the blocks. The next set of blocks will not arrive until the current blocks are used. Your goal in this game is to keep the board from being full. This can be done by filling a row or a column with the blocks irrespective of their colors.

I think what makes this game so addictive for me is that it is like Tetris (hello nostalgia!) and there is no time limit so I can take my time to arrange the blocks. If you like Tetris (who doesn’t?) then download this game right now.

1010! Block Puzzle Game Price: Free



The second game in my super duper addictive games list is Okay? Yes, that’s the name of this game and it has a question mark in it.

The concept of Okay? is very simple; you got some blocks of two colors – black and white – and you have one ball. Now, you have to use the ball the clear out all the white blocks in a single shot. The black blocks reflect the ball so the ball keeps on moving and it will continue to move until all the white blocks are cleared or it touches the edges of the screen. There will come a few levels where you’ll have no idea what to do and you just throw the ball around simply depending on your luck.

What makes it addictive for me is that it is really simple to play – one flick for one level. But it also becomes difficult sometimes. It has around 120 levels.

Another cool thing about the game is that it’s paid, only if you want it to be. To put it more precisely, pay if you want. And the amount is not fixed too. If you think the game is worth $5? Pay $5. If you think the game is worth $0.99? Pay $0.99. If you think the game is not worth your money, don’t pay anything. It will be completely free.

Okay? Price: Free

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