Samsung has mostly been very apt when it comes to releasing a video ad and the latest teaser that has just hit Samsung’s official YouTube channel is just another extension. The video has come at a time when the release of the Galaxy S4 is just 10 days left. We are all waiting to have the first glimpse of the next big bang from the Korean manufacturer. As you all know the official launch on the Galaxy S4 is scheduled for March 14 in New York at a great event.

To make sure people do not forget the “Ides of March”, the company has released a not-so-impressive but nice video teaser to heighten our curiosity when we see the little Mr. Maxwell being amazed with the first sight of the thing hidden inside the box. It will make you feel a little envious of the child. Let’s pray he reveals the secret before March 14. As the teaser say “to be continued”, do you think Samsung might fulfill our wish? I don’t think so.

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