How to Root AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-I337/ SPH-L720/ SGH-M919 and GT-I9505



Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S4 is the most powerful smartphone that is available now. It has just been released and is still being shipped to countries round the globe. The LTE variant of the device with Qualcomm chip was rooted for the first time a month ago by the well-known developer Chainfire. A working root method for the international Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 came out a couple of days ago.

And now XDA member djrbliss has developed a root tool-kit that can easily root most Qualcomm-based Galaxy S4 devices. Actually, the root exploit, called Motochopper, is a script originally developed for rooting Motorola devices but it can also be used for rooting the Qualcomm-based branded variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4, including the following models and works on Windows, MAC and Linux:

  • AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337
  • Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720
  • T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919
  • US Cellular SCH-R970
  • Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505
  • Canadian SGH-I337M, Rogers, Bell, Telus

The Motochopper root exploit can only root the device because  we do not have a stable build of a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP for these models. We’ll update the tutorial as it is available.

Note T-Mobile and Sprint !!!

This method is no longer working on T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 with the latest OTA update. If you happen to be one with a newer firmware version than with what the device was released, please use this tutorial.

If you have updated your Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 with Android 4.3 firmware, use our new rooting tutorial.

Using the Motochopper Root Tool-Kit:

  1. Download the root exploit and extract it on your desktop:
  2. For Windows users: download and install Samsung USB Drivers or Kies on your PC.
  3. Go to Settings> Developer options and turn on USB Debugging mode from Developer Options on your phone. If you are unable to see “Developer Options” under device Settings, enable it using this guide.
  4. Now connect your Galaxy S4 to computer using the USB cable that came with your phone.galaxy-s4-motochopper-root
  5. Windows Users: If you are using Windows, navigate to the extracted folder and run the  “run.bat” file. This will popup a terminal window. Just follow the on-screen prompt and done.Galaxy-S4-motochopper
  6. MAC and Linux Users: Navigate to the extracted directory, launch a terminal window and issue the following command:
    cd Downloads/motochopper
    cd motochopper
    chmod 755 *
    sudo sh
  7. Approve the ADB connection from your PC on your device and do not forget to select  “Agree” when the phone asks to “Verify Apps” during the rooting procedure.

The Motochopper root-script is one of the easiest one-click rooting method for the LTE and US variants of the Galaxy S4. Having gone through the procedure, you will see an app called SuperUser in your phone’s app drawer.


To verify that your device was successfully rooted, install Root Checker app from the Play Store.

Root Check
JRummy Apps Inc. Tools Free


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  • Rakesh

    Try it and let me know how it goes for you. :)

  • David Johnson

    Wow that was quick

  • Rakesh
  • Rakesh
  • David Johnson

    Do you know how long it my take?

  • Rakesh

    No, it’ll not. Just wait, writing a new rooting tutorial for 4.3.

  • Cole

    Does this method still work on the newest 4.3 update to the Sprint Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720)?

  • DroidViews

    The method is not meant for Verizon Galaxy S4. Install the official firmware to fix the issue:

  • Billy Schmalfeldt

    the terminal said that the process completed and rebooted my phone and now it’s stuck at the verizon loading screen and won’t load

  • ampao

    Same here. I have superuser app, but with root checker, it failed.

    Looking for alternatives.

  • Jessica D. Smith

    It didn’t work on my Sprint S4. I am using a mac. It said failure at the end.

  • DroidViews

    You’re always welcome. And yes, let me know of the results.

  • fin thomas

    Alright ill test it out now.. thanks bro

  • DroidViews

    Hey man sorry, I thought it was the SIM unlock post. I have not tested it on UAMF3 but it should work.

  • fin thomas

    Thank you for the quick reply. But how would I know it is unlocked?

  • DroidViews

    If your phone is already unlocked, it should remain so even after update but if it is locked, I am afraid it will not work on the latest firmware.

  • fin thomas

    Hey, I was wondering if this process still works with the ATT UAMF3 ota update? thank you

  • DroidViews

    Have you rooted your device. If not root it first, then install Goo Manager or ROM manager app and install CWM/TWRP on it.

  • Ivy Fong

    How do I install clockmodrecovery or TWRP on an SGH-I337 phone? I looked at the article for installing these programs but they are for other phones i9500 etc, and mine is not listed on there – so I dare not try it.


  • DroidViews
  • DroidViews

    I have got it tested on Windows. If you can have a PC, please try it on that and let me know.

  • Paing Soe Arkar

    me too. S4 I9505, using mac. i got superuser on my phone, but root checker said it does not hav proper root access. I tried twice. still cant. Should i be using window instead?

  • DroidViews

    It might be due to the latest software update. Just wait till we update it.

  • Roy Defiant Hernandez

    Mine says that it does not have the proper root access

  • jp

    Wow would that have Rooted my phone

  • Dhananjay Bhardwaj

    Your device or the Terminal? In the terminal, your administrative password is to be entered.

  • jp

    i can not root my s4 on my Mac terminal window is asking for a password

  • DroidViews

    Hi, you are unable to root this is because T-Mobile has added a SetUID restriction on the kernel. I have updated the tutorial with new method given here:

    It should work now.

  • DroidViews
  • John Moen

    not working on t-mobile samsung galaxy S4 M919