Xperia Z Launcher (2.0.5b) and Widgets
Xperia Z Launcher (2.0.5b) and Widgets

Stock widgets, stock wallpapers, ringtones, launchers and system dump — these are the stuff our blog specializes now. And why not, we never miss an opportunity to share such things whenever we get our hands on. We already have a couple of different versions of the Xperia launcher which can be downloaded from our downloaded section.

This time we are here again with another version of the launcher from Sony’s Xperia Z and its widgets as well. The difference between the previous and this version is that while the others are for rooted Android phones, this one can be installed on any device with ICS and JB rooted or not. From the point of view of functionality too the present version is far richer and enhanced with customization options.

Xperia Z Launcher

All credits for modifying the advanced Xperia Z launcher app to run on non-rooted devices goes to XDA member ra3al. Besides, all the features showcased by the older version the new version comes with launcher settings that lets you further personalize your homescreen. Among one of the settings, there is one for applying icons packs from other launcher apps like GO, Nova, and Apex.

Xperia Z Launcher-options

Inside the launcher package, you will also find the stock Xperia Z widgets like weather, clocks, music, photo, favorite contacts, recent calls, notes, OnOffTools, etc. To complement the launcher, you can also install the Walkman, Movies and Album apps, ringtones and wallpapers from the Xperia Z.

There are 12  files inside the zip which can be installed as normal apk files. You need not root your phone. Just download the zip, extract it and copy the folder to your device, then install them individually.








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  1. dear @DroidViews:disqus as I can see the launcher is very unstable, it often crashes and phone returns to its original home screen. I installed it again several times, it is very boring… Can I somehow bring the weather widget to phone`s home screen? Thanks

  2. Dear @DroidViews:disqus thank you so much. As I understand, weather widget wont work on my phones original home screen. To use it, I have to activate the Sony Launcher and later open widget inside the launcher. Now, 2 questions:

    1) Is there any way to use weather widget in original home screen? I mean without launcher. Sony launcher is not stable, for example when I press home button launcher closes and I return to phone`s original home screen.
    2) Is it possible to make the launcher phone`s permanent home screen?


  3. After installation of weather widget it is not appeared in widgets menu. What to do to get it active? Thanks

  4. Thanks a lot. My phone is Huawei,I downloaded weather widget, installed but it does not open. Do I have to install something else?

  5. Thanks so freaking much! I am a new user and have been looking for a way to get the Xperia Home with certain icons changed……………..this is it! Thanks sooooooooo much!!!

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