If you are an avid reader or just like to go through articles on the web, you might often face a word or two whose meaning is not known to you. To find its meaning you would copy the word and then try to do a google search for it or you might search the meaning of the word in the dictionary application you have installed on your device. Both the methods are good enough for searching word meanings, but using Instadict you can save yourself time while searching word meanings.

Insatadict is an application that makes searching word meanings faster and easier. It saves you a step of opening another application for searching the meaning of a word, whether it is  Google or any other dictionary app. You just need to copy the word you want the meaning for and then just shake your phone to see the meaning of the word. The meaning of the word would appear instantly at the bottom of the screen over any application you are using in a small window. Here are few more features of this application:


  • Find word meanings anywhere, just copy the word and shake your phone.
  • Three languages are supported for now: English, French and Italian
  • Use offline mode by downloading a offline dictionary on your device( links given below)
  • Adjust shake sensitivity.
  • Adjust definition window timeout.

Download the offline dictionary to make Instadict work offline for you:

Instadict is a must have application for all the readers out there, it saves ton of time for you and you don’t need to leave the application in which you are doing your reading. I also have the offline dictionary installed to find the meanings of the words when I don’t have access to the internet. You can adjust the sensitivity of the shakes to suit yourself and adjust the time for which the meaning of the word has to be displayed.


instadict_1 instadict_3instadict_2  instadict_4

Instadict is a free application, download it from the link given below and save yourself time when doing your readings or just browsing through the web by not wasting time in switching applications to find the meaning of word.

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Instadict Price: Free


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