The newest fad in the rooted custom ROM world seems to be inverted apps. What is an inverted app? Well it’s pretty simple, If the background was white, Now it will be black. Inverted apps have a darker look to them, since everything that used to be white is black. Some Developers have taken it one step further and themed the inverted apps. So where do you get these inverted apps and how do you install them? You have come to the right place! First watch my video showing you what inverted apps look like and then I will show you how to install them.


Download Blacked Out and Transparent Google Apps

Download Other Blacked Out Inverted Apps

So now you know what they look like. How do you get them? well there are a couple developers on XDA that do a great job at inverting and theming apps. 2 of the Devs I use are “Gunthermic” and “camblue”. Just like I showed you in the video, if you want to download them you have to go to xda and head into the Verizon Galaxy S3 section. Once there go to the “Themes and apps” Section. Scroll down to either Gunthermic’s thread or camblues thread.  First lets go through what Gunthermic has inverted.



Google NowDownload

SecCalendar (1st Themed and inverted TW Calendar)- Download

Calendar Widget (1st Themed and Inverted TW Widget)-Download

GooglePlus 3.5.3Download


Camblue does something different. He themes and even makes his apps Transparent if you choose. Here are some of the things he’s done so far.


Inverted Blue GmailDownload

Inverted Blue Play StoreDownload

Transparent Blue GmailDownload

Transparent Blue MMSDownload

Transparent Blue Playstore- Download

Inverted MMSDownload

Transparent DropboxDownload

Installation Instructions:

Well now you know what they look like and where to get them..So how about trying to install them. That’s where it gets kinda tricky. I have had good luck with some and not so good luck with some. With Camblue’s inverted/Themes apps they are apk which is the normal app format. You can try to install like a regular app first, but if that doesn’t work you will have to push them to system.

How to Push to system:

What does that mean?? First you need an app called Root Explorer from the play store or something similar. Then go to System/Apps and find the app you want to replace.Once you find it rename it with a .bak extension. Example: Seccalendar.apk.bak That disables the app but still keeps it if you want to use it later. (If you want to use it just remove the .bak and reboot) Once you rename the app go to where you have downloaded the new inverted app. Copy and paste it into System/Apps and change permissions to RW/R/R and reboot. That is how you “Push to system”

How to Install zip:

If it is a zip file like Gunthermic’s then it is flashable in recovery. I would still go into System/Apps and rename the apps so if something goes wrong you still have original app that worked. To install go into recovery find the file on your SD card and flash away, then reboot.

I really hope you enjoy the inverted apps and thanks to the Developers that make it possible Gunthermic and Camblue just to name a few.

Source: Xda

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