As we know it, if Google stands for all your dumb or super intelligent questions, YouTube is for the videos on the similar lines. From cat videos to NASA live feed, it has it all. YouTube for years had entertained the world with videos, more recently, they surged the excitement with live videos, adding significant oomph and ooze. This is set to be a history too.

Now, YouTube has ventured into a new but relevant market. Live game streaming. There is already an app called Twitch, a sort of leader in the game streaming media, which of course will count at number 2 from today.

Comparing the standards with the rival, YouTube Gaming is believed to succeed with minimalistic and super friendly user interface and cinema like theme, giving the users an ultimate experience of game viewing. According to the Verge, YouTube Gaming UI allows you to subscribe, comment, thumps up or down a particular post; pretty much like the options found on static YouTube videos.

Searching a particular video seems to be based to classifications or categories among live feeds or usual gaming content, along with featured lists. There are also landing pages or better be called as cover pages specifically setup for individual games, giving you the best videos posted with the game tag. Plus, you also have a trending list which will allow users to viral the content.

The hotshots of YouTube Gaming seems to be the ability to “rewind” the live stream, which if included or updated in the future will help YouTube poach significant amount of numbers from Twitch platform. But things don’t look so very merry right now, with over 32,000 regular viewers on the Twitch’s most popular channel and just 11,000 viewers on similar YouTube Gaming content, which also include first-day-rush users, bringing a hope down just as yet.

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