Even the smartest smartphone or tablet device is not sufficient enough in itself unless it is complemented by some good third-party apps. Apps are the best way to add features that your device doesn’t come preloaded with. In many cases, people tend to delete the stock apps provided by the manufacturers and prefer to use  third-party apps for a specific job.

Modern smartphones house a variety of sensors. While some of them are used in adding a functionality to it, there are others that remain unutilized unless you get an app that makes use of them. Some apps take advantage of your device’s sensors to add a missing feature on it. We recently reviewed apps like Cover Algorithm and Hovering Controls that let you lock and unlock your phone and control apps without touching the device respectively using the proximity sensor.

At DroidViews, we keep looking for new and less known but really useful apps for Android devices and during our recent searches, we just found a very good app called Senses (Holo Modern). Actually, this app offers nothing new and features just a compass and a level. What I really like about it is the way it present things. It has a very simple design and minimalistic look, which further supported by modern vector graphics and holo theme, just binds you with its spell.


Senses is compatible works fine on all Android devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. As the screenshots show, the app come with light and dark holo themes and you can switch between them from app settings by tapping on the 3 dot menu icon. If you love functionality dressed with simplicity, this app is just for you!

Sorry, this app is not available!

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