Vysor is an innovative app that will let you control your Android device using Chrome. Using a simple Chrome Web Extension, you can control your Android through your desktop. It is an easy to install Chrome app which is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Vysor will provide you with a mirror window over your desktop which is also re-sizable. The mirror window will display your Android device’s User Interface and you can perform all the operations through this portal.

Although there are other android projects that will let you do the same; however, they come in hefty packages in terms of size and also demand OS requirement. The best Part of Vysor is that its comes as a Chrome extension and can be installed easily.

Koush, the developer behind AllCast, ROM Manager, ClockworkMod Recovery, Helium, DeskSMS etc has created Vysor as a beta project. The developer has envisioned Vysor as a developer tool rather than a consumer product. Koush states the most important feature of Vysor will be Vysor Share using which you can share your device’s screen with another Vysor user across the globe. This would help the developers to deploy and debug on a remote tester’s device which would be as easy as sending a link. However, Vysor Share would require a Vysor server for the development team to control each other’s projects.

You can still test the Vysor on your desktop using its official Chrome extension which is now available. All you need to do is install Vysor on Chrome and attach your Android device enabling the ADB. Once you have done it, a floating re-sizable desktop window that mirrors the screen opens. You can click and drag in this window to control the phone just like you would with your Android device but here, you can do it using your mouse pointer.

If you happen to possess a touch screen Windows PC, then you can enjoy Android OS over your Windows OS; the only difference being that it would be an emulator and not an OS. You can even wake up the device by clicking in the window. If you don’t have on screen navigation buttons, then you can use your keyboard to enable these functions. For instance, Home is for Home, Right click for back and F1 for menu.


So Basically, Vysor puts a fully controllable window of your Android on your desktop. If you want to experience Vysor on your desktop then get the Chrome Extension from the below download section.

Download Section

Download | Vysor

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