Two dots is an incredibly adorable game that has the goal to make you have fun.  The entire game looks like it was pulled from a Norwegian grandmother’s scrapbook. The gameplay itself is fairly unoriginal, feels a lot like Candy Crush.  And what I gathered, only two moves, cross out or box colors that are similar.  Although I do like how simple it is.

The entire game is fairly minimalistic. Whoever was the artist must have only came in on saturdays for one hour and was told to draw the entire game. And their programing knowledge is “modest,” enough to get the game done, and then some. Its a little addicting casual game, and it has achievements that get posted on Google+ and Facebook, if you let it.

Unfortunately the bad is equivalent to the good. Although it does have its own gameplay and its own path on puzzle games, it feels far too much like Candy Crush.  If you do have Candy Crush, don’t worry, this game is different, but you will be able to catch on faster.

Also, by default, your phone/ tablet vibrates (like when you get a text message) whenever you get a square. This is accompanied with the fact that it is a full screen game and you can’t see your notification bar on the top.  In a game that can get really addicting, and if you need to keep an eye on the time.

Honestly, I have to try really hard to hate this game.  It is unoriginal and just a bandwagon game. But something just screams “love me!” But with things like waiting for your hearts to come back, you just put it down and forget about it.

And no game should do that.  I guess that is what the fault in most Android games. Everything is pushing you to pay in order to keep playing the game. And that is just wrong. This game has something that you don’t normally have in simple games. It has heart, it has soul.  It talks to you, it has little messages, It is a beautiful game.  Its just, shy of greatness.

If I made this game (my app making capabilities is awful, so lets assume I am as good as the people that make this) I would make two games in one. The first would be the main game that I have already played, the game where I connect the dots.  The other game would be a continuous game.  Something with no lives and I could play on the toilet for hours without worry on how many lives I have, a brain numbing game that I play just for the high score. possibly with the most adorable characters I have seen.

Final verdict: Get the game, play a little bit.  If you dont like it, oh well uninstall it, if you do like it game, keep it.  Although I do feel like this is one of those games that I have on my phone, haven’t played in months, but refuse to get rid of it.

Two Dots Price: Free

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