Okay, we are helping a murderer here, it seems. Don’t be astonished! Whatsapp did murder SMS and other messaging services a long time back, didn’t it? But we are not the ones complaining here! Neither are the millions of folks around the globe using the messaging app day in and day out! But no app is complete in itself, neither are all of our needs identical. So today we thought of focusing on a few glitches or ‘behavioral issues’ plaguing Whatsapp, and ways to fix them.

First of all let’s get to the question of what these issues really are. The most significant one, as per us, is the fact that when you go to your ‘New Chat’ or ‘All Contacts’ screen (or whatever you call the list that comes up when you click on the icon in the upper right corner), tap on a contact and then hit ‘back’; you will be taken to the main ‘Conversations’ screen instead of going ‘back’! This is some ambiguous behavior which might be somewhat irritating for some of us. Although the other ‘issues’ are in fact features which got added recently, some of us gentler individuals are less entertained with the persistent camera and voice note icon in the conversation view.

Anyways, let’s get to the quick fix for these. If you have Xposed installed on your phone, the Whatsapp Mods Xposed module is exactly the thing you should be taking a look at. What does it do? Get your answer below:

  • It removes those Camera and/or Voice note shortcut icons from your conversation screen.
    So instead of a look similar to this,
    You will get something like this:
  • It adds the ability to keep the contact list or the ‘New Chat’ screen in your history, so when you launch a conversation using it and then press the back button, it doesn’t skip straight back to the main conversations list.
  • You can also use this mod to highlight group conversations in a custom color in the lists.


Intriguing enough? If it is, you just need to download it from the Repository through the Downloads menu in the Xposed app or via this link  and transfer over the apk. After that, the usual methodology of activating the module via Xposed and rebooting the device, shall be followed.

So throw the concern out of the window and get your keyboard popped up for some distraction free message-typing action! Happy tapping!

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