With so many “must-have” apps out there it can be difficult to filter out the ones that are actually worth having, which is why we have chosen five of our favourite entertainment apps to save you the time and trouble of searching yourself. We’re helpful like that…


Face Swap Apps

If you haven’t heard of this one, then where have you been? Juvenile yes, but completely entertaining, a face swap app does precisely what it suggests, swaps people’s faces making for amusing and sometimes disturbing pictures. I’m not saying it will change your life but it could change your afternoon. There are many different ones out there but they are all pretty similar so I don’t think it matters which one you choose.

Truth or Dare

Many a childhood game has been given a 21st-century overhaul with current apps and this is one of my favourites. Users are invited to choose a truth or a dare and the questions and dares are the right side of PG making it perfect for those looking for some good old-fashioned entertainment. For example, if you choose dare you may be asked to “show off your best dance move”, if you opt for truth, you could be asked about what friends would you choose for certain activities. This is a great app to play safely with children and is the ideal way to pass the time for those long car journeys with the family.


Betway Casino

If you are looking for an adult-only app, which you can use during your downtime, casino games are an exciting option. Interactive and exhilarating, Betway takes online gambling to a new level as their live casino games really do feature a live dealer, making it an enjoyably immersive experience.


This free app uses your personal Last.fm account and your current location to access your musical preferences and then notifies you when your favourite artists are playing nearby. The same app will then provide directions to the concert venue and even allows you to chat with other fans at the event, and share photos which are then stored so you can relive the event in all its musical glory.



This app is a digital library which allows you to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks without having to pay for them. Just like at a library, books are returned after a period of time so you never have to face the prospect of paying late fees! Libraries are required to opt into the service and to provide the catalogue of ebooks which may limit the titles available, but with currently 30,000 libraries involved globally, you are certain to find a few books to pique your interest.


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